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Our Key Drivers

We integrate sustainability into our daily operations by embedding it into our business strategy, allowing it to underpin our values, drivers for success and monitoring and management processes.

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Health & Safety

Our performance must reflect that we hold the health and safety of people in our business as an overriding value.

Key achievements in 2021

  • Introduction of the Medical Surveillance Programme to improve access to medicals and onsite health care.
  • A total of 1,884 safety interactions completed, over 43% increase compared to 2020.

Our business success is dependent on the performance and achievements of our people and we won’t compromise on their health, safety and wellbeing.

Port Waratah’s value of caring drives our overriding commitment to the health and safety of our people. We have established, implemented and maintained procedures for ongoing hazard identification, risk assessment and determination of necessary controls to keep our people safe and healthy.

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Licence to Operate

Our environmental performance and our engagement with stakeholders will support being granted ongoing and, if required new Licences To Operate.

Key achievements in 2021

  • Zero reportable environmental incidents.
  • Carrington Terminal achieved a 50% reduction in portable water consumption, recognised in winning the Love Water Love Business Award.

The Licence To Operate (LTO) Framework delivers an overarching approach to maximising sustainable business practices and managing our potential social, economic and environmental impacts.

Our commitment to continuously improving our environmental performance over the long term sees us focus on four key areas – air quality, noise, water and environmental footprint including climate.

Understanding our stakeholders’ expectations and delivering value back to the community are key business priorities for Port Waratah. We’re committed to contributing to the prosperity of Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

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Effective Organisation

Our culture encourages and rewards employee alignment and engagement. Our systems support efficient and effective leadership, robust governance and excellence in operational delivery.

Key achievements in 2021

  • Implemented a review of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and received the Excellence in Diversity Programme and Performance Award.
  • Delivered new professional development opportunities through the Evolve Leadership Programme.

Our Effective Organisation Driver is focused on building the right culture, workforce capability, continuous improvement and governance to deliver our purpose and meet our stakeholder expectations. 

We are committed to supporting and developing our people to reach their personal and professional goals. In return, an engaged and committed workforce plays a key role in our success and delivery on our business strategy.

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Operational Delivery

We deliver the services our customers expect and we care for our assets so that we can do so reliably on an ongoing basis at the lowest sustainable coal handling charge. We have efficient and robust governance and commercial processes.

Key achievements in 2021

  • A record number of 1,279 vessels loaded across our two terminals.
  • Received the Professional Services Award in the NSW Project Management Achievement Awards for our Project Management System Upgrade.

We deliver the highest quality customer service with a focus on continuous improvement, open communication and an ability to leverage off our vast experience, reliability and agility. Our sustained level of operational performance has ensured we surpassed ten years of exporting more than 100 million tonnes per year and anticipate the demand of our service to remain steady.

We never lose sight of delivering a dependable and efficient service to our customers. Our operating strategy focuses on taking great care of our assets and infrastructure to ensure our export capacity of 145 million tonnes is available. Our Carrington and Kooragang Coal Terminals are well positioned to meet any changes in demand.

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Coal Chain

We engage proactively and positively with end users, our customers and other service providers in the interest of maximising coal chain performance while securing our commercial model.

Key achievements in 2021

  • Achieved the second highest year on record for export tonnes with 111.3Mt exported.
  • Record export tonnes to Bangladesh, Chile, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.

Our Kooragang and Carrington Terminals connect Hunter Valley coal to a global network, making them integral to the Hunter Valley Coal Chain. 

Strong working relationships are critical to our success. Our customer contracts continue over a 10-year horizon and our focus is on providing a reliable and quality service.

Our range of shiploading assets enables vessels of all classes to be loaded at our terminals. We expect that our flexibility to meet the needs and challenges of our customers will continue to be highly valued into the future.

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