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Port Waratah purchases a wide variety of goods and services; from large machinery parts to engineering services to stationery.

Giving back to our region by using local suppliers and businesses is not just part of what we do, it’s who we are. We value the local availability of specialised skills and services and aim to foster its continued development.

We have the highest expectation of contractors who work on our site. We not only expect them to work safely and responsibly but also contribute proactively as leaders in building and maintaining our zero-harm culture.

We have a Contract Management System in place to ensure that we continue to meet the high expectations of stakeholders in our operational, safety, environmental and social performance. To become a contractor on our site you and your team must be fully accredited and inducted.

For further information regarding the Contract Management System, please contact us at

Port Waratah Contractor Portal

If you are an existing contractor, we encourage you to regularly login to the secure Contractor Portal. Here you will find our latest safety and environmental policies and procedures, as well as general safety communications that may be relevant to you when attending our sites.

If you have any questions regarding the Contractor Portal, please contact us at

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