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What we do

Our Terminal services are critical to the region’s coal industry, connecting Hunter Valley coal to a global market.

Receive. Stockpile. Blend. Load.

Port Waratah plays a vital role in the Hunter Valley Coal Chain. Our streamlined operations ensure we deliver high-quality, reliable and agile coal services to our customers, while responsibly managing our environmental, social and governance performance.

Hunter Valley Coal Chain

Newcastle shares a rich history of coal being loaded for export in the Port of Newcastle for over 200 years.

We receive coal through rail receival stations, stockpile the coal, blend the coal using unique blending methods and load the coal onto cargo vessels. We are a Newcastle business who provides services to the local coal industry for international coal export. 

From pit to port, the Hunter Valley Coal Chain spans 450km, involves 35 mines, rail haulage providers and ARTC, three export terminals, The Port of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator, making it one of the largest and most collaborative coal supply chains in the world.

The coal is hauled distances of up to 380km to reach the Port of Newcastle. We export Hunter Valley coal to more than 20 countries around the world. The coal we handle is used in export markets for energy production and steel manufacturing.

Coal in motion

Our combined licences coal loading capacity is 145 million tonnes across both Carrington and Kooragang Coal Terminals, making Port Waratah the largest coal export terminal in the world.

Last year, we received, stockpiled, blended and loaded 111.3million tonnes of coal onto a record number of 1,279 vessels for export, across our Carrington and Kooragang terminals. Find out more about our performance on our Sustainability Website.

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Operating to an international standard

Port Waratah has an Environmental Management System (EMS) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) accredited to internationally recognised best practice standards ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 respectively.

These management systems are subject to external auditing on an annual basis and provide our framework for managing environmental and occupational health and safety aspects of the business.

Port Waratah’s EMS and OHSMS were both recertified in 2020, which involved a seven-day auditing programme by an external auditor across both terminals and a thorough review of our management systems. Our EMS has maintained ISO 14001 accreditation since 2009, and OHSMS since 2014. 

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Delivering a specialist service for our customers

Port Waratah is proud of our ability to blend coal into a highly homogeneous product. As a cargo assembly terminal, our customer determines which trains will form each individual cargo. The stockpile is then assembled for the specific vessel and cargo into an allocated stockyard space.

Port Waratah’s complementary methods of stacking and reclaiming ensure high levels of product uniformity. The video demonstrates this in action. 


Port Waratah Coal Services Timeline history









 Timeline Timeline-Dec-21

Dec 2021

Record number of vessels loaded

In 2021, Port Waratah loaded 1,279 vessels, our highest-ever number of vessels through Port Waratah Kooragang and Carrington Coal Terminals. The vessels included a record number of Handy-class vessels through Carrington Terminal, highlighting the importance of service flexibility provided by the two terminals.

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 Timeline Timeline-Dec-21-2

Dec 2021

Making Waves Foundation sets sail in Newcastle

Port Waratah is a founding Platinum Partner for the Newcastle Making Waves Foundation’s sail-based programmes finding a home on our city’s working harbour. This program will give more than 1,000 Newcastle and Hunter region students and people living with disability and disadvantage, access to exhilarating educational and life-broadening challenges on board an ocean racing yacht, every year.

 Timeline History-Nov-21-2

Nov 2021

Love Water Love Business Award

Port Waratah received the Love Water Love Business Award at the Hunter Business Awards for outstanding results in our Carrington Coal Terminal's water management and efficiency improvement initiatives. In total Port Waratah has invested more than $21 million at the Carrington Terminal on water management system upgrades over the past five years.

 Timeline Timeline-Aug-21

Aug 2021

Ongoing tenure secured for Carrington Terminal

Port Waratah has announced an extension to the Carrington Terminal lease from 2024 to the end of 2031. The decision to continue operations at Carrington aligns with Port Waratah’s expectations of coal industry demand, particularly from South-East Asia, where demand for high-quality Hunter Valley Coal remains strong. This announcement supports the Hunter Valley coal industry, local jobs and the regional economy and community.

 Timeline Timeline-Dec-2021

Jul 2021

Excellence in Diversity Programme & Performance Award

Port Waratah is very proud to have won the Excellence in Diversity Program and Performance Award in this year’s Women in Mining Awards announced by the NSW Minerals Council.

 Timeline Timeline-June-2020

Jun 2020

Launch of the Mental Health Framework

Our Value of Caring includes caring for our people’s psychological health and wellbeing. Implementing the Mental Health Framework was a key business improvement project in 2020 and forms part of the Live Better, Work Better wellbeing programme.

 Timeline Timeline-Oct-2019

Oct 2019

SafeWork Excellence Award

Port Waratah awarded SafeWork NSW Excellence Award for our innovative industry-first Marine Survey Trolley; delivering operational benefits while eliminating workplace risks.

 Timeline Timeline-Jan-2019

Jan 2019

First female apprentice at Port Waratah

In 2019, Port Waratah proudly welcomed our first female apprentice. Antonia Moncrieff joined our team in January 2019 for a four-year electrical trade apprenticeship. Since that time, we have continued to actively recruit female apprenticeships and tradespeople helping to increase diversity and inclusion across our business.

 Timeline Timeline-Aug-2018

Aug 2018

Outstanding Employer of Choice

Port Waratah proudly awarded the Hunter Business Award’s inaugural Excellence in Sustainability and Outstanding Employer of Choice; demonstrating Port Waratah is leading the way in local business, environmentally and socially.

 Timeline Timeline-2018


Industry-First Site Water Balance Model

Port Waratah developed and integrated an industry-first Site Water Balance Model, a predictive model which is integrated into the Terminals’ control systems. The model combines real-time data of water storage levels, site water requirements and current forecast weather, to manage the response and performance in a forecast rain or storm event.

 Timeline history-timeline-2016-shiploader


Shiploader Replacement Project

After loading more than 300 million tonnes of coal in 40 years, the Carrington Terminal replaces three shiploaders with two new shiploaders, designed to modern safety, environmental and technological standards. Port Waratah celebrated celebrates 40 years of delivering for the region in October of the same year.

 Timeline timeline-2015-t4


T4 Project Approval Announced

Terminal 4 Project is approved subject to conditions by the State and Commonwealth Governments. In 2018, Port Waratah announced that it does not intend to proceed with the Terminal 4 development.

 Timeline timeline-2014-record-million-tonnes


Record 111.9 Million Tonnes

Record 111.9 million tonnes of coal loaded by Port Waratah and exported through Port of Newcastle. Second highest year on record was 2021, with 111.3 million tonnes of coal loaded.

 Timeline timeline-2014-dadae


Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered Program launched

Port Waratah launches partnership with a world-first lifestyle program focusing on girls’ health and their relationships with their fathers and sports. The ‘Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered Program’ engages fathers as the key to encouraging their daughters’ physical activity levels and improving their emotional wellbeing. The ground-breaking programme has gone on to receive national and international recognition.

 Timeline timeline-2009-kooragang-expansion


Port Waratah’s capacity grows to 113 million tonnes

Further expansion at the Kooragang Coal Terminal included the introduction of an additional Reclaimer (total of 4) and an additional Stacker (total of 6), the upgrade of two of the three dump stations and two stacking streams resulting in a combined total throughput capacity of 113 million tonnes per year.

 Timeline timeline-2007-kooragang-expansion


Port Waratah’s capacity grows to 102 million tonnes

This expansion was completed in 2007 and includes an additional 1400 metres stockpile Pad D, a further extension on the existing Pad C by 200 metres, a fourth stacking stream and a fifth stacker. Port Waratah takes the total shiploading capacity to 102 million tonnes per year.

 Timeline timeline-2002-kooragang-expansion


Port Waratah’s capacity grows to 89 million Tonnes

Completion of Stage 3 Kooragang expansion. Shiploading capacity at Kooragang Coal Terminal increased to 64 million tonnes per year. Total shiploading capacity at Port Waratah reaches 89 million tonnes per year.

 Timeline timeline-1996-kooragang-expansion


Port Waratah’s capacity grows to 66 million Tonnes

With the completion of the second shiploader at Kooragang Coal Terminal, Port Waratah’s nominal capacity reaches 66 million tonnes per year.

 Timeline timeline-1990-kooragang-expansion


Port Waratah’s capacity grows to 45 million Tonnes

Port Waratah Coal Services purchased all of the shares in Kooragang Coal Loader Limited, thus making Kooragang Coal Loader Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Port Waratah. The combined loading capacity of both Carrington and Kooragang Terminals was 46 million tonnes per year.

 Timeline timeline-1982-carrington-expansion


Port Waratah’s capacity grows to 25 million Tonnes

Port Waratah expand Carrington Terminal to present capacity of 25 million tonnes per year.

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