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Who we are

Port Waratah Coal Services has always been two things – a pioneer and a partner. We continuously strive to improve, innovate and collaborate.

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Our business

Delivering on our purpose.

Port Waratah has been part of Newcastle and the Hunter region for over 45 years, connecting the Hunter Valley Coal Chain to the world, playing an active part in our local community and advocating for the region. 

Our purpose is to deliver a high-quality, cost-effective service to our customers, which meets their need for reliable access to contracted terminal capacity. 

At Port Waratah, we believe in our obligation to operate responsibly and sustainably, and we encourage a culture of shared responsibility and accountability through all levels of our business.

We responsibly manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects of our business, creating value for our community and stakeholders. Being a sustainable business enables us to live our values and deliver on our purpose, while meeting the changing expectations and demands of our employees, customers and communities. Our focus is working collaboratively with our stakeholders to continuously improve our operational, environmental and social performance.

We have approximately 330 employees working across our business, operating our Carrington and Kooragang terminals 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

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Our principles

Living our values.

Our business principles support how we deliver our vision and purpose and are embedded in our key drivers for success: Health & Safety, Licence To Operate, Effective Organisation, Operational Delivery and Coal Chain.

Port Waratah’s core values relate to our desire to be a service that can be relied upon and trusted, not only by our customers but by our community and stakeholders. We live our values by acting with integrity, showing dedication to excellence, being reliable and caring in our work and driving innovation and progress. They also explain how we want to interact with our stakeholders; being supportive, valuing safety, working efficiently and acting in a balanced, committed and responsible way.

Our governance framework involves all levels of our organisation, each with a role in reviewing, identifying and managing risks and opportunities. Our key drivers and values are well established in our workforce with each new employee and contractors undertaking an induction programme that includes training on our values and business drivers. Workforce inductions are renewed every two years. For more information on our governance framework click here

Our Key Drivers

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Leading improvement through innovation.

Continuously improving the quality of our service has been part of our pioneering spirit for over 45 years. We’ve pioneered coal export not only through the scale of our operations and technology we use to deliver our service, but by always seeking to find new ways to improve our safety and environmental performance.

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to meet the needs of customers by innovating new ways of working, such as developing real-time service delivery dashboards, our award-winning Intelligent Dust Management System, and introducing a drone programme to assist investigation and maintenance tasks for our operational delivery teams. 

We also assist our supply chain partners to innovate vessel design, such as eco-design LNG fuel and technologies harnessing wind energy to reduce emissions using rotor sails. Our range of shiploading assets provides a benchmark to test potential designs against a high-capacity terminal operation. 

The world is ever-changing, and we continue to collaborate internally and externally with stakeholders to pioneer new ways of doing things.

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Pioneering the Marine Survey Trolley

Port Waratah Coal Services received the prestigious SafeWork NSW Excellence Award in 2019, for our innovative Marine Survey Trolley. The completely unique, industry-first Marine Survey Trolley was developed by employees in response to a potentially fatal risk for the marine surveyors when undertaking draught surveys on the vessels berthed at Port Waratah. 

Standard industry practice, in place for over 200 years, is for the marine surveyor to descend a rope ladder from the vessel and read the draught marks as close to the water line as possible. The innovative device involves a camera mounted on a trolley that can be lowered down the hull of a vessel, attached by a magnet. The camera provides accurate, real-time vision via smartphone or tablet, enabling the marine surveyor to read the waterline safely from the vessel deck. It eliminates risk, is cost-effective, efficient and provides a more accurate draught reading.

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Listen, contribute, collaborate.

As a partner, we’re committed to working openly and collaboratively to deliver for our customers, to value our employees, contractors and suppliers, and to listening to our stakeholders, including the government, regulators and community.

We listen to and care about the interests of our community and stakeholders and strive to meet their expectations over time. The Local Voices community surveys are conducted every six months and provide valuable insight into the material topics of interest. We are dedicated to supporting a strong community connection built on trust and acceptance.

Port Waratah invests $750,000 each year through partnerships with charities and community organisations. This is administered through the Community Investment and Partnership Programme. We further contribute to the local economy through local employment, suppliers and contractors. We target a minimum of 75% of our total annual spend of contractors, materials and professional services to be in Newcastle, the Hunter and Central Coast.

We are active in regional advocacy forums, participating in ongoing regional conversations and civic leadership:

  • Business Hunter member
  • Committee for the Hunter member
  • HunterNet member
  • Community Liaison Group member
  • NCCCE Industry representative

Our role is to support and collaborate with others as participants in these forums to create shared outcomes in the best interests of the region.

Our local map

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