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Community partnerships

Our Community Investment and Partnership Programme creates shared value with our stakeholders, working in partnership to make Newcastle a smart, sustainable and vibrant city.

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Community investment

We are proud of our Community Investment and Partnership Programme which delivers $750,000 to the local community each year.

With our business hosted in Newcastle and most of our employees living locally, we are committed to supporting local organisations, charities and projects that address areas of need in our community.

The focus of our Programme is to:

  • Deliver value back to the Newcastle community – particularly portside suburbs
  • Address a specific need or opportunity within the community to contribute to the overall sustainability of the region
  • Deliver benefit to many people (not just individuals)
  • Build capacity, skills and/or knowledge within organisations or groups
Priority Areas

Our Programme prioritises programmes, initiatives or projects which are concerned with:

  • Diversity
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Community Vibrancy
  • Health
Assessment Criteria

Potential partnerships are assessed based on whether the proposed programme, initiative or project:

  • Aligns with Port Waratah's values
  • Demonstrates sound governance and organisation capacity
  • Addresses areas of need or disadvantage
  • Demonstrates benefits to the Newcastle local government area with a focus on portside communities
  • Offers an opportunity for employee engagement and recognises the contribution made by our employees in the community
  • Is willing to develop strong relationships and further partnerships
  • Realises opportunities to contribute to a sustainable and vibrant Newcastle

Exclusions to the Programme include:

  • Individuals, including students
  • Activities viewed as the responsibility of government
  • Programmes with a political or religious purpose
  • Organisations established for private gain or benefit
  • Overseas appeals or projects
  • Travel, study or conferences
  • Scholarships
  • Sporting clubs/teams without clear secondary benefit aligned with Port Waratah's priority areas and objectives (please refer to our grant process for Youth Sport in Portside Suburbs) 
  • Programmes or activities based outside the Newcastle LGA
  • Activities/projects that will have ongoing reliance on Port Waratah support for survival

How to apply

If you think you have a project, group or initiative that would fit our funding criteria we would love to hear from you.

Application process

  1. Review the assessment criteria and exclusions to see if your application meets Port Waratah’s requirements and objectives.

  2. Download and complete the application form via the button below. 

  3. Enter your details and upload your application in the form available. Be sure to include any relevant supporting documentation. Your application form must be in either .pdf, .doc or .docx format.

  4. Your application will be reviewed and considered by the committee at the next meeting, after which you will be notified of the outcome. Please note this may take some time.

Community Investment and Partnership Programme Application

Tell us who you are


pdf or docx, 6MB

pdf or docx, 10MB

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Youth Sport in Portside Suburbs

We aim to deliver benefits to the families of children and youth who participate in sporting activities in Portside suburbs.

Applications for funding are open twice yearly during specified calling periods in February and August. We provide up to $1,500 per application per calling period. Specific requirements and assessment criteria apply.

Applications for funding must meet Port Waratah’s requirements and objectives. Before applying, please review the information below to determine whether your application aligns with our programme.

Portside suburbs include Fern Bay, Stockton, Newcastle East, Wickham, Maryville, Carrington, Tighes Hill, Islington, Mayfield, Mayfield East, Mayfield West and Kooragang Island.