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Our terminals

We facilitate the receival and delivery of Hunter Valley coal through our Carrington and Kooragang Terminals, creating one of the largest coal export operations in the world.

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Carrington Coal Terminal

Proudly operating for over 45 years

With a licenced capacity of 25 million tonnes of coal per year (mtpa), our Carrington Coal Terminal pairs modern operations with a dedication to minimising environmental and community impacts. 

Carrington Terminal receives coal by rail through two rail receival facilities. Vessels arriving at the terminal are loaded utilising the two shiploaders. Depending on the coal and vessel requirements, either single head or dual head shiploading may be used. Dual head loading is using both shiploaders to load a vessel at the same time, this capability is uncommon and provides Carrington with additional versatility, making it quite unique.

Port Waratah began operating Carrington Terminal in October 1976. We’re proud to be part of that history and the growth it has brought the region. With a beginning of 16 million tonnes per year to world-leading throughput through both the Carrington and Kooragang Coal Terminals.

Carrington Coal Terminal

  • 25 Million tonnes coal loading capacity per year
  • 2,500 Tonnes of coal loaded per hour
  • 2 Rail receival stations
  • Road receival station, when necessary
  • 4 Stockpile pads 1 kilometres x 40 metres, capacity 750,000 tonnes (max)
  • 4 Stackers
  • 4 Reclaimers
  • 2 Shiploaders
  • Up to 2 vessels at berth
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Kooragang Coal Terminal

Kooragang is proudly one of the largest coal export terminals in the world.

The Kooragang Terminal has a licenced capacity of 120 million tonnes of coal per year. Our Kooragang Terminal operations and environmental management technologies are world-class. 

The coal received at Kooragang Coal Terminal is delivered by rail into four rail receival stations located on the northern edge of the terminal. A feature of the Kooragang shiploading system is the use of buffer bins, into which coal is diverted during hatch changes and other short-term interruptions to maintain consistent loading. This permits operation of the shiploaders at a peak rate of up to 10,500 tonnes per hour for each shiploader, that’s equal to loading a 4WD per second.

Port Waratah began operating Kooragang Terminal in May 1984. We’ve been operating for almost 40 years servicing our industry and delivering for the region. Kooragang Terminal was built in stages with the expansion spanning 20 years.

Kooragang Coal Terminal

  • 120 Million tonnes coal loading capacity per year
  • 10,500 Tonnes of coal loaded per hour
  • 4 Rail receival stations
  • 4 Stockpile pads 2.5 kilometres x 56 metres, capacity 4.2 million tonnes (max)
  • 6 Stackers
  • 4 Reclaimers
  • 3 shiploaders
  • Up to 5 vessels at berth
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