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We are a proud active and valued member of Newcastle, striving to build genuine, reliable relationships and positive outcomes for stakeholders, customers, the community and the environment.

Local voices

We actively pursue genuine understanding of the expectations of our surrounding communities to meet their varied interests and concerns, extending beyond regulatory compliance and working hard to improve our operational, environmental and social performance. We do this, in part, through our Local Voices Surveys.

Local Voices surveys are open to existing and new participants to provide a transparent and highly considered platform for the community to offer valued and confidential feedback. 

The Local Voices approach consists of an Anchor survey, followed by three Pulse surveys, conducted over a two-year period (delivered by Voconiq, an independent data science, research and community engagement company who use licenced CSIRO technology). The results of this survey provide an opportunity for sophisticated data analysis that is translated into comprehensible language openly available to the community and stakeholders. Port Waratah is committed to engaging with community members and stakeholders about survey results and opportunities for further improvement and positive community outcomes.

If you wish to take part in the next survey, please click here to register on the Voconiq Local Voices website.

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Community news & updates

Our quarterly community newsletter provides information about our operations, strategies and projects, and community contributions. 

We further connect with our stakeholders through a broad range of methods including: 

  • 24-hour community enquiry telephone line and online enquiry form
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Regional advocacy representation at stakeholder meetings
  • Meetings with Port Waratah representatives for anyone with concerns about our operations
  • Site tours

Quarterly community newsletter

The quarterly community dashboard highlights our operational, environmental and social performance.

Quarterly community dashboard

The quarterly community dashboard highlights our operational, environmental and social performance.

Quarterly community terminal meetings

Our Community Terminal Meeting Group consists of members representing our neighbouring portside suburbs, we consult and collaborate on topics and projects material to our business and the community.

Port Waratah Facebook page

Keep up to date with Port Waratah on our Facebook Page.

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Community enquiries

Are you concerned about air quality or noise? We care about your concern and will respond within 24hrs.

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Playing an active part in the community

We're proud to be an active member of the local community through our engagement and investment programmes.

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