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Who we are

Being part of Newcastle is at the heart of everything we do. We build strong relationships and work cooperatively with our people, customers and our community to continuously improve our performance and contribute to a smart, sustainable and vibrant Newcastle.

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What we do

We are proud to work in partnership with over 25 organisations to make the Hunter Valley Coal Chain one of the largest and most collaborative coal supply chains in the world.

Spanning over 450km, the Hunter Valley Coal Chain is made up of coal producers (or mines), rail haulage providers, the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), three export terminals, port managers and the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator. Port Waratah’s vital role in the coal chain is to receive, stockpile, blend and load coal onto vessels for export. We facilitate the export of over 70 percent of the coal chain’s throughput.

What we accomplished in 2021

111.3m Million tonnes loaded onto vessels for export
1,279 Record vessels loaded
325 Employees at 31 December 2021
$58.6m Million spent in Newcastle (LGA)
$750,000 Invested in community support
93.3% Record landfill waste diversion rate
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Being a sustainable business enables us to live our values and deliver on our purpose.

Visit our sustainability website

Our Key Drivers

Health & Safety

Licence to Operate

Effective Organisation

Operational Delivery

Coal Chain

Our performance must reflect that we hold the health and safety of our people in our business as an overriding value.

Our environmental performance and our engagement with stakeholders will support being granted ongoing and if required, new Licences To Operate.

Our culture encourages and rewards employee alignment and engagement. Our systems support efficient and effective leadership, robust governance and excellence in operational delivery.

We deliver the services our customers expect and we care for our assets so that we can do so reliably on an ongoing basis at the lowest sustainable coal handling charge. We have efficient and robust governance and commercial processes.

We engage proactively and positively with end users, customers and other service providers in the interest of maximising coal chain performance while securing our commercial model. We understand our development opportunities and are positioned to be able to pursue them when required.

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We aim to perform our activities in a manner which prevents pollution, promotes sustainability and minimises impacts on the environment and the local community.
Air Quality

Air Quality

We know that dust is one of the key environmental concerns for our neighbouring communities. We understand that if not managed appropriately, the nature and scale of our operations have the potential to generate dust and negatively impact our community.

Air Quality


Noise management controls are incorporated into the design of plant and equipment, project planning, scheduling of work, the systems and procedures that guide our daily operations and long-term noise improvement strategies.



The efficient use of water is a key component of responsible day-to-day management of our operations and is central to what we do. Preserving the quality of the Hunter River is an important consideration in our water management.



We work to create a positive environmental footprint, and consider this the measure of our demand against the capacity of the natural resources and environment in which we operate. This includes energy efficiency, waste, water consumption and land use and biodiversity.



Our business is inextricably linked with the global seaborne coal trade, the continued demand for Hunter Valley coal and supporting universal access to affordable and reliable energy. We recognise and are planning for the global transitioning to a low carbon future and expect to play a role for decades to come.



NSW Government Development Consents and Licences outline the expectations placed on Port Waratah in order to minimise our impact on the environment and the community.

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Our Community Investment and Partnership Programme gives back.

Hear from our CEO Hennie du Plooy and members of our team about how important the community programme is to Port Waratah and what our support means to four of our valued community partners.


Amazing stories about amazing people.

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Port Waratah Shines a light for the Mark Hughes Foundation

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Port Waratah delivers sustainable outcomes in 2021

From today, local community members and stakeholders can explore Port Waratah’s environmental, social and economic performance through their 2021 annual reporting suite.
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Port Waratah Coal Services - 2021 a year in review

Port Waratah Coal Services, operator of the Kooragang and Carrington coal terminals in Newcastle, recorded a significant year-on-year increase in the volume of coal handled for export.
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Dixon Park SLSC new ATV to help save lives this summer season

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