We use a range of different skills and services through our contractors.

We have the highest expectation of contractors who work on our site. We not only expect them to work safely and responsibly, but contribute proactively as leaders in building and maintaining zero-harm culture.

We have a Contract Management System in place to ensure that we continue to meet the high expectations of stakeholders in our operational, safety, environmental and social performance.  To become a contractor on our site you and your team must be fully accredited and inducted.

Further information regarding the Contract Management System is available by contacting the Supply Team on 02 4907 2760 or emailing

How does my business become accredited?

All organisations conducting work on or accessing our sites must be accredited with Port Waratah.

Accreditation is the outcome of a formalised process that we use to ensure that contracted organisations meet our requirements for operational, safety and environmental management.

Organisations accredited with us have systems in place that meet relevant management system requirements and work practices. If specialist services are required to be conducted on our sites, preference is given to accredited contract organisations. 

To become accredited your organisation must follow this process:

  1. Receive a nomination for accreditation by a Port Waratah leader, usually in relation to a specific package of work.
  2. Submit an application form to the Port Waratah Supply Team, which is then assessed.
  3. A contractor site audit is conducted to assess compliance with relevant policies and standards.
  4. The assessment report and final authorisation is completed by Port Waratah.
  5. Notification is sent to the contractor of the assessment decision.
  6. If successful, an induction pack will be provided to the contractor.
  7. A review of accreditation status occurs after one year, and three yearly thereafter. Contractors who have a term contract with Port Waratah will not be subject to this review as their ongoing performance is monitored throughout the term contract.


Anyone undertaking work onsite must successfully complete a relevant site induction to become familiar with the specific work conditions, procedures and standards in place.