Each year we provide two scholarships for studying at the University of Newcastle.

Each year we will support eight scholarships per year that include continuing students. Students commencing their second year of study at the University of Newcastle are welcome to apply.

Our university scholarship program is aimed at supporting local students in the attainment of a bachelor level degree, while complimenting academic learning with on-the-job paid work experience.

Scholarships are available to local undergraduate students at the University of Newcastle in the faculties of Engineering and Built Environment or Faculty of Science.

The students are awarded a scholarship to the value of $7,000 per annum up to a maximum of 3 years.

Throughout the duration of the scholarship, students are also offered the opportunity for paid work experience during the summer holiday period.

To apply, or to find out more contact the university or visit their website.

Playing an active part in the community

We're proud to be an active member of the local community through our engagement and investment programmes.