Commercial Practice

Port Waratah is party to the Capacity Framework Arrangements at the Port of Newcastle.

The Capacity Framework Arrangements were granted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in 2009. This long-term solution to ongoing capacity constraints in the Hunter Valley Coal Chain was made with Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) and the Newcastle Port Corporation to give effect to port capacity arrangements and permission to apply industry levies where appropriate. The framework also impedes anti-competitive behaviour. To date, Port Waratah has not been subject to any legal proceedings in this regard.

We encourage a culture of shared responsibility and accountability and do not allow Port Waratah’s agents or employees to receive gifts that may be perceived as influencing their duty to act in the best interests of Port Waratah. Port Waratah does not tolerate corruption in any form. While we will always seek to enter into commercially favourable agreements, we do this on the condition that they are not at the expense of our organisational values or business drivers.