Our core values – integrity, progression, excellence and caring - guide how we conduct our business and form the basis of our performance evaluation. This provides the platform for the generation of positive social and environmental impacts, as well as meeting our legal obligations and understanding of stakeholder expectations.

Government and Business Relations

We work constructively with local, State and Federal governments to drive positive outcomes for our industry and the Newcastle region.

We are regulated through a range of development consent and licensing conditions with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, as well as the NSW Environment Protection Authority. We work closely with a number of government agencies including the ACCC, NSW Port Authority, and. To ensure compliance with our maritime security legislation we work in partnership with authorities such as the Australian Federal Police, Australian Customs and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.

We actively engage with local agencies and industry groups, including Newcastle City Council, to make our views known on specific issues that impact our organisation or stakeholders. Although we may host elected members of parliament on our sites for discussion of specific issues material to our operations, we do not support any political viewpoint or party and do not make political donations of any kind. We respect the right of private citizens and organisations to express their individual views and opinions on any issue, as long it is done in a way which is respectful and legal.

Port Waratah participates in local business and economic networks, including Hunter Business Chamber, HunterNet, and University of Newcastle forums, like the Hunter Research Foundation Centre and Many Rivers microfinance. Although not a signatory to specific initiatives, we build relationships with these organisations as they support local businesses and economic development of our Region.

Commercial Practice

Port Waratah is party to the Capacity Framework Arrangements at the Port of Newcastle granted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in 2009. This long-term solution to the ongoing capacity constraints in the Hunter Valley Coal Chain was made with Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) and the Newcastle Port Corporation to give effect to port capacity arrangements and permission to apply industry levies where appropriate. The framework also impedes anti-competitive behaviour and therefore date Port Waratah has not been subject to any legal proceedings in this regard.

We encourage a culture of shared responsibility and accountability and do not allow Port Waratah’s agents or employees to receive gifts that may be perceived as influencing their duty to act in the best interests of Port Waratah. Port Waratah does not tolerate corruption in any form. While we will always seek to enter into commercially favourable agreements, we do this on the condition that they are not at the expense of our organisational values or business drivers.


When handling personal information we must act in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and in particular the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). The APPS regulate how Port Waratah collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information. The APPs are applied in conjunction with our Privacy Policy which can be accessed here.

Customer privacy is an element of the Long Term ship or Pay Contract that is held between Port Waratah and each of our customers.  Our Services Portal system is designed to ensure that our customers can only see the information available to them under this agreement. We have formal internal processes and procedures in place to prevent disclosure of sensitive information. Our Service Assurance department maintains an internal customer enquiry log where we record any enquiries raised by our customers. Port Waratah has not experienced any complaints regarding breaches of customer privacy.