Overview of Our Operations

Port Waratah plays a vital role in the Hunter Valley Coal Chain. Our streamlined operations position us to efficiently deliver a high-quality, reliable and agile service for our customers. Our terminal services are critically important to the region’s coal industry – connecting Hunter Valley coal with the world.

In 2020, we received, stockpiled, blended and loaded 105.9 million tonnes of coal onto 1192 vessels for export, across our Carrington and Kooragang Terminals.

We don’t buy or sell coal. We don’t own or manage the mines, the railways or the vessels. We are a local business who provides services to the local coal industry.

Delivering a Specialist Service for Our Customers

Port Waratah is proud of our ability to blend coal into a highly homogenous product.

As a cargo assembly terminal, our customer determines which trains will form each individual cargo. The stockpile is then assembled for the specific vessel and cargo into an allocated stockyard space.

Port Waratah’s complimentary methods of stacking and reclaiming ensure high levels of product uniformity.

The video below demonstrates this process in action.