Health & Safety

The health and safety of our people is a core commitment

We want our people to go home the same way they come to work – with zero injuries. Port Waratah’s value of caring, especially around safety and family, drive our overriding commitment to the health and safety of our people at the core of our business.

Robust systems, processes and training provide the foundation for our Health and Safety Management Plan, underpinned by our certification to AS/NZS 4801.

Port Waratah’s obligation to health and safety also extends beyond our own people. We have a duty of care to all contractors, customers and visitors accessing our facilities. As both an industrial site and an international port, our operations fall under Federal Security Legislation, and we have developed an Access Control system to manage these requirements. We partner with our suppliers and contractors, providing site-specific inductions and regular safety interactions to ensure everyone on site is free from injury and harm.

A shared responsibility to Working Safely

Everyone at Port Waratah is responsible for the safety of themselves and those around them. We have partnered with our people to establish a strong safety culture, and our ongoing focus is to further develop a shared responsibility towards health and safety. This shared responsibility is underpinned in our safety programmes, such as The Fatal Eight, a set of personal commitments in respect to the fatal risks on our sites, and the ongoing implementation of fatality prevention through the Critical Control Management Plan.

All employees at Port Waratah are represented by an elected Health and Safety representative (HSR), from each work group. The HSR’s are joined by Port Waratah’s nominated representatives, as well as OHS and Environment and Community Relations team members monthly for the Port Waratah Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Committee Meeting. The HSE Committee works to continually improve systems and policies, and promote a healthy, safe and environmentally conscious workplace through open, honest and transparent consultation.


Our commitment to Health & Safety

We are constantly improving and developing initiatives to enable us to progressively reduce the number of work-related injuries that occur at Port Waratah, to ultimately achieve our goal of zero personal harm. This includes:

  • Regular safety meetings and safety interactions
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Management procedures
  • Take 5 risk assessments
  • Equipment improvement to reduce and eliminate hazards.

Port Waratah’s employee wellbeing program takes a holistic approach to health, safety and the wellbeing of individuals. It recognises and addresses pre-existing conditions, age and lifestyle factors that may increase an employee’s risk of injury and illness. This programme includes voluntary health screening and services, such as:

  • skin checks
  • bowel cancer screenings
  • occupation hygiene samples
  • employee medicals
  • flu vaccinations.