Carrington Coal Terminal

The Carrington Terminal has been operating for over 40 years.

The Carrington Coal Terminal has a licenced capacity of 25 million tonnes of coal per annum (mtpa). Coal can be received by rail and road although the majority of coal is delivered by rail through two rail receival facilities. Vessels arriving at Carrington Coal Terminal are loaded utilising two shiploaders. Depending on the coal and vessel requirements, either single head or dual head shiploading may be used (single head being one ship loader loading one vessel, dual head being two shiploaders loading one vessel). All shiploaders and reclaimers have a capacity of 2,500 tonnes per hour (tph). Both the receival and the shiploading systems utilise surge bins as part of the process to maintain consistent throughput rates.

Being a responsible operator and minimising impacts on the environment and community is a key focus for the Carrington team. This is why Carrington first pioneered our award winning Intelligent Dust Management System, which proactively predicts and manages the risk of dust emissions. This system has proved so successful that it has been installed at the Kooragang Terminal, and has set the benchmark for other coal terminals around the world. Carrington Terminal also proactively contributes to the local community, with $25,000 per year specifically dedicated to sponsorships and donations for the neighbouring suburbs of the terminal.


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Community Enquiries

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