Information for vessels loading at Port Waratah

Vessels are required to meet our operational, safety and environmental standards. 

Loading a vessel safely and responsibly is our number one priority. A failure to follow our procedures may lead to a vessel being delayed or suspended from accessing our terminals. 

Below are documents available to download for vessels loading at Port Waratah: 

Coal Terminals Information Handbook (CTIH)

Critical information for vessels berthing at our wharves. Masters should read and familiarise themselves with the Handbook prior to berthing. The Master will be required to sign an agreement to comply with the Handbook upon berthing. 

Download PWCS Coal Terminals Information Handbook - Hard Copy Version  (0.64MB PDF file)

Download PWCS Coal Terminals Information Handbook - Email Version (0.37MB PDF file)

Pre-Arrival Information

A useful guide to assist the Vessel Master to prepare for arrival in Newcastle. 

Download Pre-Arrival Information (0.109MB PDF file)

Terminal Safety Poster 

Key information whilst berthed at Kooragang or Carrington terminal. 

Download Terminal Safety Poster - KCT (0.301MB PDF file)

Download Terminal Safety Poster - CCT (0.257MB PDF file)

Ship Draught Mark Reading Trolley Arrangement

Marine surveyors utilise a remotely viewed camera to read the outboard midship draught marks at Port Waratah.

Click on the below link to download a mechanical drawing of the trolley which supports this camera.

Download Ship Draught Mark Reading Trolley Arrangement (0.106MB PDF File)

Vessel Acceptance Questionnaire

Required to be completed by the Master, owner, manager or agent of any vessel that has not previously loaded at Port Waratah. 

The questionnaire is a spreadsheet - answers must be entered in yellow cells. Once completed, please email to

Download Blank Vessel Acceptance Questionnaire (0.425MB XLS file)

Accessing Vessels while at Berth

Any vessel agent, coal exporter, contractor, visitor or other person who, in connection with a vessel, requires entry into the Terminal, must:

  • Prior to entry, undertake and agree in writing to comply with all of Port Waratah’s safety and security requirements
  • Comply with the Contract Management System
  • If required, attend Port Waratah Safety Induction Training
  • Comply with and obey all lawful instructions which may be issued or given by Port Waratah

To find out how to access our wharves please send an email to

Port Waratah Wi-Fi Connection Guide

Guide on connecting to wi-fi devices (supplied by Port Waratah) for vessels whilst at Port Waratah berths.

Download Cradlepoint Connect Guide