Video Hub

See how Kooragang has evolved over the years or take a tour of the proposed site.

Let's Get Real About Ecology

Find out more about our proposed ecological offsets.

Let's Get Real About Dust & Noise Management

Find out more about how we propose to minimise our impacts on dust and noise levels.

Let's Get Real About Future Planning

Terminal 4 is a plan for future opportunity

Background and History of the Terminal 4 Site

See how Kooragang Island has changed and been developed over the last 50 years

Overview of the Hunter Valley Coal Chain and Port of Newcastle

Terminal 4 will form a important part of the Hunter Valley Coal Chain and the Port of Newcastle

Future Drive on Cormorant Road

Take a drive on Cormorant Road once Terminal 4 is built

Fly Through the Terminal 4 Site

Take a tour of the site including the rail receival, stockyards and wharves