Carrington Shiploader Replacement

After loading more than 300 million tonnes of coal over the past 40 years, the hard working shiploaders at Port Waratah Coal Services’ Carrington terminal have been replaced.

The Happy Delta departed from Carrington Coal Terminal on Saturday 25th February 2017, taking SL1 and SL2 with it. The new shiploaders delivered in July 2016 have been successfully commissioned and are integrated into everyday operations. This marks the completion of the Project.

Newcastle Harbour welcomed the Happy Buccaneer once again, this time carrying Port Waratah's two new shiploaders for the Carrington Terminal.

With the machines nearing the end of their lifespan, the shiploaders will be replaced by two new shiploaders in an investment in the reliability, safety and performance of Port Waratah’s Carrington operations.

The shiploaders have been fabricated off-site and will be brought into the Port of Newcastle by water in July. Over the period of a week we will lift the new shiploaders onto the wharf. The three existing shiploaders will be removed during the commissioning phase, and will be dismantled offsite. Commissioning and integration into the operation will take about five months and we expect to resume normal operations at Carrington by the end of the year.

Due to the sheer size of this infrastructure, the replacement project is a major feat of complex engineering and logistics. Although the capacity of Carrington is not changing, these new shiploaders have been built to modern safety, environmental and technological standards.

While the new shiploaders have been manufactured overseas, Port Waratah has been committed to contributing to the local economy. The project is managed by a locally based team, with $22 million spent in Australia (and $9 million locally) on products and services including engineering, training, quality assurance, construction management, water and electrical systems.The in-house team have extensive experience with project management and the operations and expectations of Port Waratah.

We have developed a short animation to explain what will be taking place on the wharf during the second half of 2016.


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