Port Waratah Coal Services opens inspiring new page on Storylines

Media Release

01 March 2019

The power of community partnership was in the spotlight last night at the launch of Storylines, a new narrative website created by Port Waratah Coal Services to celebrate its Community Investment and Partnership Programme and the incredible regional outcomes achieved by its participants.

More than 150 people came together at Fort Scratchley for the event. The community projects showcased ranged from social programmes lifting up the disadvantaged in the Hunter to environmental work, cultural opportunities for local school children, pastoral care for seafarers and work with incredible minds to bring leading-edge research off the page and into people’s lives.

Port Waratah’s Community Investment and Partnership Programme delivers $750,000 to the local community each year. Participating community partners are chosen by the Port Waratah community investment committees made up of employees after an application process.

For the first time, this edition of Storylines has been published as a large-scale, interactive website with video, photography and many stories of the characters and moments that make up the rich tapestry of the Hunter.

The scope of Storylines is broad, ranging from Musica Viva to bring music into portside schools to assistance for environmental groups like Conservation Volunteers Australia, support for the Samaritans Christmas lunch, the Seafarers Mission, ProCare family counselling and many more.

One example of the reach Port Waratah’s support has is HMRI’s DADEE Program. Founded and led by the University of Newcastle’s Professor Phil Morgan, it is now part of the curriculum in many schools across Newcastle. Bringing fathers and daughters together through the power of exercise and a ‘Yes - girls can do anything’ message, it is a project that is being adopted internationally.

Port Waratah’s sponsorship means Dr Morgan and his team have the resources to explore the long-term impact of DADEE, research how it is changing widespread teaching practices and analyse the opportunities it continues to give girls in schools.

Port Waratah’s Chief Executive Officer, Hennie du Plooy, said ‘the launch of Storylines gives us the chance to acknowledge and thank everyone who does so much to help and sustain our region – socially, economically, environmentally and communally’.

‘Partnering with the quiet achievers of the Hunter as they go about making the world a better place for all sorts of people in all sorts of ways makes us very proud to contribute to their successes.

‘These are the people who give the fabric of our society its warmth, its depth and its texture. They are from so many different walks of life, and represent such a wide range of associations, collaboratives and interests. It is their passion that brings us together and gives us the heart and humanity the Hunter is so well known for.

‘Port Waratah is incredibly proud to play a role in enabling this great work to happen through our Community Investment and Partnership Programme. These initiatives contribute to our support of the Global Sustainability Agenda and makes us part of the international movement towards sustainability,’ he said.

Visit Storylines at storylines.pwcs.com.au


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