Port Waratah - 2018 Year in Review

Media Release

23 January 2019

Port Waratah plays a global role in the Hunter Valley Coal Chain – ensuring efficient delivery of coal to a global customer base. In 2018 Port Waratah loaded 107 million tonnes into 1229 vessels for export.

Strong demand was driven by Asia, with 95% of our coal exports bound for Asian port destinations in Japan, Taiwan, China and South Korea, among other Asian nations. Close to a record year, this was 2.4 million tonnes more than 2017.

“Both Port Waratah and the overall Hunter Valley coal chain volumes are expected to continue to grow in 2019,” said the Chief Executive Officer of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy. Port Waratah’s Carrington and Kooragang terminals provide reliability and flexibility to the Hunter Valley coal chain and are well positioned to adjust to changes in demand.

The strong results reflect improved operational performance whilst maintaining costs to customers at consistently low levels, with our coal handling charge viewed as the best in industry. Shiploading rates reached record levels at the Kooragang terminal last year and July was a record-breaking month, breaking the monthly shiploading record, set in December 2014, by more than 100,000 tonnes.

In 2019 and beyond, we will continue to invest in our operations to maintain and improve our performance, from our people to the community, to our equipment and environmental performance, Mr du Plooy said.


Port Waratah was awarded the Hunter Business Award’s inaugural Excellence in Sustainability and Outstanding Employer of Choice in 2018, demonstrating our commitment to leading the way in local business, environmentally and socially.

“In one of the highlights of the year, we are immensely proud that our ongoing efforts have been recognised in winning these awards,” Mr du Plooy said.

But while our customers may be overseas, our heart lies well and truly in Newcastle. Our workforce live here, so we are proud to support a variety of local charities, community organisations and initiatives. The Port Waratah Community Investment and Partnership Programme invested $750,000 in 114 community projects and initiatives last year. That is support to real people who work hard to help those that need it most and make this region one of the best places to work, live and bring up a family.

“Sustainability considerations are integral to Port Waratah’s day to day operations. We are continuously looking at how we can improve our operational, environmental and social performance to contribute to global sustainability in a local context,” Mr du Plooy said.

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