Community Announcement

We understand that protests are being planned in Newcastle, including the Harbour from the 12th to 16th of September.

7 September 2018

While Port Waratah respects the right of Australians to express their political views, we urge them in the strongest terms to conduct themselves in a peaceful and safe manner and not to enter private property.

Safety is always our number one concern.

Port Waratah’s equipment and machinery, most of which are automated or controlled remotely, can be dangerous for those who are untrained and unaware. It would be a tragedy if a protestor was injured or even killed on site, or if the lives of workers or the police were placed in danger by the actions of a few.

There are also exclusion zones in place around vessels, even whilst at berth. These are in place to ensure the safety of members of the public, wharf workers and vessel crew. We ask that you respect these exclusion zones.

Our very real concern is that someone will be seriously injured or killed if these warnings are ignored.

We remain committed to respectful, honest and transparent communication with the community. We aim to perform our activities in a manner which minimises impacts on the environment and the local community - not just because it’s the right thing to do but because this is the region in which we and our families live.

Media enquiries:

Paul Chamberlin
Office: (02) 6239 7037
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