Port Waratah Extends Local Voices Programme

Port Waratah is pleased to announce it is extending its Local Voices survey program for a further two years. The Local Voices surveys will be delivered by Voconiq, a new Australian business spinout from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.

Dr Kieren Moffat, previously Project Leader of CSIRO Local Voices is the CEO of Voconiq. “Participants in
Port Waratah’s Local Voices survey will still enjoy the same quality expertise and research rigour expected
from CSIRO with the survey being delivered by the same team of familiar faces,” said Dr Moffat.

The new business will continue to provide sophisticated data analysis using licenced CSIRO technology that
translates community survey data into a language that Port Waratah and community stakeholders can
engage with and respond to.

“There is enormous value for communities in being heard by the companies that work alongside them.
Through Local Voices, portside community members and people in the broader Newcastle area are directly
influencing how Port Waratah thinks about its operations, plans for the future and invests locally,” Dr Moffat

“At Port Waratah, we know to be a real part of our community it’s important that we listen. That’s why we
are committed to continuing to conduct independent Local Voices surveys to find out about any community
concerns and in what areas we are doing well,” said Chief Executive Officer Hennie du Plooy.

“The Local Voices survey has provided valuable insights that help us improve. We’ve previously asked for
help allocating our social investment, with the community feedback telling us to focus on health programmes
and kid’s sport,” said Mr du Plooy.

Based on Local Voices feedback last year, Port Waratah invested $187,000 in health projects and this year
has launched a new youth sport funding initiative for portside teams. “I’d personally like to extend a big
thank you to everyone who has participated in Local Voices surveys in the past and I encourage you to
continue to do so”, said Mr du Plooy.

The next survey will open in September 2020 and you can register at www.pwcs.com.au