Port Waratah Coal Services - 2020 Year in Review

Port Waratah plays a key role in the Hunter Valley Coal Chain that reaches across the globe – ensuring efficient delivery of coal to a global customer base.

In 2020, Port Waratah loaded 105.9 million tonnes (mt) into 1,192 vessels for export.

A strong year for performance in a challenging year across the globe, 2020 marks the ninth year of more than 100 million tonnes per annum of coal exports through Port Waratah. Our 2020 export volume experienced a small decline of 4.2 per cent on 2019 figures, demonstrating the resilience of Hunter Valley coal exports in the face of seaborne coal trade challenges such as COVID-19 and geopolitics.

Demand was driven by Asia, with over 90 per cent of our coal exports bound for destinations in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Malaysia and Thailand, among other Asian nations. China’s consumption has fluctuated over the years and this year was a destination for nine per cent of coal exports through Port Waratah. Exports to India, Malaysia and Thailand grew compared to previous years.

Port Waratah provided uninterrupted services to customers despite the challenges and restrictions presented by COVID-19. At the same time, a number of opportunities were taken to introduce technology and operating solutions that will have longer term benefits for Port Waratah’s operations.

“The continued safety of our employees and care for their health and wellbeing was always our top priority. We are proud of the adaptability and capacity to accept change demonstrated by our team,” Port Waratah CEO, Hennie du Plooy, said.

“Our challenge as we move into 2021 is to remain vigilant, the COVID-19 controls we have in place are now business as usual and sustainable.

“We have learned so much about the resilience of business, that of our industry and indeed that of our community. Seeing our employees at all levels live our values, and particularly our value of caring, is what has shone through as we navigated the challenge of COVID-19.”

In addition, our team responded quickly to support our community through flexible funding and care packages to address the unique needs arising from COVID-19. We were inspired by the heart-warming stories from our community partners about how they adapted, innovated and provided services differently to meet increasing needs in these unprecedented times.

“Opportunities to continue to drive improvement, increase internal and external engagement and build on our strengths to deliver quality services to our customers remains our focus for 2021,” said Mr du Plooy.

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