Port Waratah Delivers Sustainable Outcomes in 2021

From today, local community members and stakeholders can explore Port Waratah’s environmental, social and economic performance through their 2021 annual reporting suite.

31 March 2022

The suite includes the Sustainability Report, Annual Financial Report, Modern Slavery Statement and a dedicated Sustainability website offering an engaging digital experience.

Port Waratah recorded a number of positive environmental achievements last year. This included achieving its lowest annual greenhouse gas emissions intensity and a 34 per cent reduction in potable water consumption. Water saving initiatives at the Carrington Terminal that contributed to this achievement were recognised when Port Waratah won the ‘Love Water Love Business Award’ at the Hunter Business Awards.

Port Waratah’s CEO, Hennie du Plooy, said the positive environmental outcomes achieved were the result of increased awareness and committed action of the Port Waratah team.

“Sustainability is part of everything we do,” said Mr du Plooy. “Living our values of caring, integrity, progress and excellence drives us to responsibly manage potential environmental impacts as well as the social and governance aspects of our business.

“Being a sustainable business means that we strive to meet our stakeholders’ expectations over time by continuously improving our performance and delivering a high-quality, cost-effective service to our customers.

“We aim to build relationships based on trust and reporting transparently on all aspects of our business is a key element of those relationships. That is why our reporting also includes a performance snapshot that highlights a core set of targets important to our community and key stakeholders.

“We delivered many significant environmental projects and improvements in key areas such as dust management, potable water consumption, energy efficiency and waste diverted from landfill, helping us to play our part in reducing demand on resources in the Hunter.

"We delivered largely uninterrupted services to our customers despite significant industry volatility, weather disruption and of course the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are also proud to support local business partners. Last year, we spent $85.5 million locally on suppliers, materials and services in the Hunter and Central Coast and we thank them for their outstanding efforts to secure our needs during a challenging year for supply chains.”

The 2021 Annual Reporting suite and Sustainability website are available under Annual Reports at The 2021 Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative.

The Financial Report provides an overview of Port Waratah’s financial performance and disclosures, while the Modern Slavery Statement outlines our intent and actions aimed at eliminating slavery, servitude and debt bondage from our organisation and supply chain.

“I am proud that Port Waratah is reporting on our sustainability performance to the community more comprehensively and transparently than ever before. As always, stakeholder feedback about our operations is welcome and encouraged,” said Mr du Plooy.

Have your say. The Local Voices Community Survey is open now, we encourage our local community to share their thoughts about our operations, how we can improve our performance and new opportunities for community support.

Media Contact: Paul Chamberlin on 0419 233 989 or

Local Voices Community Survey

Join the conversation: Port Waratah wants to hear local voices

14 March 2022

Take part in the Local Voices Community Survey to help inform Port Waratah Coal Services about your local community concerns and opportunities. The short 5-10-minute survey is open now until 14 April and focuses on understanding community views on key operational, environmental and investment aspects.

Built from a foundation with CSIRO, the survey is conducted independently by Voconiq, a data science, research and community engagement company that bridges the gap between communities and companies.

Newcastle residents are invited to have your say on our operations, employment and economic contributions, environmental performance and impacts, and our community engagement activities.

CEO of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy said the Local Voices survey helps us listen to community needs and expectations and has been a significant part of our community engagement since 2018.

"Last year, over 1,100 surveys were completed with more than 800 comments from participants. This is incredibly valuable to us. We want to thank everyone who took part and invite them to participate in this year’s survey."

"The survey results are used to strategically shape our operations, informing our decisions and building in greater improvement opportunities that ensure we understand and strive to meet stakeholder expectations to perform better in the short, medium and long term."

"Already, the comments from last year have informed us of local views on economic contributions and climate change, and we in the process of reviewing our strategies to further reduce our emissions footprint by investigating new technologies, efficiencies and energy alternatives."

Voconiq has been conducting the independent survey for the last two years following on from CSIRO. Co-founder and CEO of Voconiq, Dr Kieren Moffat, says the continuation of the community survey across multiple years allows Port Waratah to track trends in community views.

"The Local Voices survey results show trends in community and stakeholder opinions, clearly demonstrating positive or negative changes, or maintaining sentiment, over time, which allows the company to see where they are improving and where to respond and make improvements."

"There is enormous value for communities in being heard by the companies that work alongside them. Through Local Voices, portside community members and people in the broader Newcastle area are directly influencing how Port Waratah thinks about its operations, plans for the future and invests locally," said Dr Moffat.

Survey results have highlighted investment in Health community projects as the top priority area for the community, which has influenced greater investment through our Community Investment and Partnership Programme with more than $419,000 committed to health projects over the last two years. The Youth Sport in Portside Suburbs programme was developed as a direct result of the Local Voices Community Survey and has provided more than $50,000 to junior sporting clubs over the same time. We’ve also provided greater access to independent air quality information and attuned our range of communication methods to meet the preferences of the community and other stakeholders, encouraging two-way communication through traditional and digital platforms, all thanks to the feedback provided through the survey.

Take the Local Voices Community Survey.

Media Contact: Paul Chamberlin on 0419 233 989 or

Port Waratah Coal Services – 2021 Year in Review

Port Waratah Coal Services, operator of the Kooragang and Carrington coal terminals in Newcastle, recorded a significant year-on-year increase in the volume of coal handled for export.

7 January 2022

With full year volume of 111.3 million tonnes loaded onto a record number of 1,279 vessels, Port Waratah achieved its second highest annual volume on record and the tenth consecutive year in which volumes exceeded 100 million tonnes.

CEO of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy, expressed satisfaction with the operational achievements, noting that the year was marked by significant volatility and change.  “We recognise that Port Waratah’s unique role in the Hunter Valley coal chain requires us to perform consistently and reliably, in the interest of both producing and end-user customers. Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, adverse weather conditions and significant market changes, our teams were able to deliver strong performance in the year.”

He further noted that the market changes during the year confirm that despite issues such as limited exports to China, the overall demand for Hunter Valley coal remains strong, and that high demand can be reflected in price quickly, as demonstrated by the product price improvements in 2021. 

“Our experience indicates that demand for our region’s coal remains stable and aligned with the International Energy Agency’s predictions that global demand for coal will be stable through to 2024,”
Mr du Plooy said.

“Fifty percent of all coal handled by Port Waratah was destined for the Hunter Valley’s core market in Japan, and our records indicate that exports increased into countries such as Taiwan, India and Thailand. Some of these changes presented challenges for our operations, such as a significant increase in the number of smaller-sized vessels we were required to load, highlighting the importance of the Carrington Terminal, for which we were able to secure lease extension during the year.”

Mr du Plooy highlighted the collaborative nature of the Hunter Valley coal chain, and the contribution of all participants to the overall success of the Hunter Valley industry.  “The coal chain remains a complex beast, and we couldn’t do what we do without the collaboration of producers, rail haulage providers, the Port Authority of NSW, the Port of Newcastle and the large number of service providers that play a role in keeping the coal flowing.  All parties had to deal with significant uncertainty and the challenges presented once again by the pandemic, so I want to thank and congratulate everyone on the achievement of again bringing high-quality Hunter Valley coal to the world reliably and consistently.”

Regarding the future, Mr du Plooy said that Port Waratah’s focus remains on sustainably delivering the service its customers expect in a way that meets community expectations.

“At Port Waratah, our focus in 2022 is to continue to drive improvement throughout our business. Our top priorities are the ongoing safety of our employees and contractors, involvement and support of our community, excellence in environmental performance and delivering for our customers and the Hunter Valley coal industry,” Mr du Plooy said.

For more information please contact Paul Chamberlin on 0419 233989

Newcastle is Making Waves for International Disability Day

Making Waves Foundation (MWF) will launch its sail-based programs permanently in Newcastle on December 2, 2021, coinciding with International Day for Persons with a Disability.

This program will give more than 1,000 Newcastle and Hunter region students and people living with disability and disadvantage, access to exhilarating educational and life-broadening challenges on board an ocean racing yacht, every year.

One of those heavily involved in this venture is Tony Purkiss. Tony is a well-known identity in the Newcastle area. He’s a businessman, a sailor, a volunteer and an amazing advocate for Making Waves Foundation. Tony lost his sight in the 2005 Bali bombing, however through his involvement with the Foundation, he has gone on to help so many more people living with disability.

Tony and his wife May-Anne have been volunteering with MWF for more than 15 years. Tony says that sharing the joy of the water in a specially-adapted ocean racing yacht for people with disability, has been immensely rewarding.

Making Waves has been visiting Newcastle for one week every year since the early 2000’s, having previously been limited to taking just 50-100 children sailing each year.

Khym Harris, Head Teacher of the Support Unit at Newcastle High School says that the impacts of MWF programs on her students have been immeasurable. ‘They are so much more resilient and willing to take a risk. They become little problem solvers instead of problem makers. They start to solution seek.’

‘We can’t wait to share this program with so many more of our students now that Making Waves has come to Newcastle on a permanent basis.’

Making Waves Foundation has taken more than 50,000 disabled and disadvantaged young people sailing over the past 27 years. Their lives and outlook for the future change through these experiences.

Establishing Making Waves in Newcastle would not be possible without the significant financial support of a Newcastle-based private benefactor and local businesses. One of these is Port Waratah Coal Services. According to Port Waratah ceo, Hennie du Plooy, this project addresses an increasing area of need within the community.

“Access to programs that challenge barriers, encourages and builds confidence in young people living with a disability or disadvantage can change lives and improve inclusion outcomes in our community,” said Mr du Plooy.

This year’s International Day for People with a Disability theme highlights the challenges, barriers and opportunities for people who live with disabilities, in the context of a global pandemic.

Making Waves Foundation addresses this theme perfectly. The program breaks down accessibility barriers and provide experiences and opportunities that otherwise are closed to people living with disabilities.

In Khym Harris’s words, ‘MWF is not merely a good thing; it is essential. It needs to be bottled!’

Port Waratah Water Saving Initiatives Win Love Water Award

Port Waratah has taken out a Love Water Love Business Award for outstanding results in our Carrington Coal Terminal's water management and efficiency improvement initiatives

In total Port Waratah has invested more than $21 million at the terminal on water management system upgrades over the past five years. Initially the projects focused on storm water management with the attention turning to potable water consumption throughout the recent drought.

CEO Hennie du Plooy was very proud to accept the Love Water Award at the Business Hunter ceremony, thanking Hunter Water for sponsoring the award and raising the profile of responsible portable water consumption across the region.

"Port Waratah is very conscious of minimising potable water use and investing in water saving and efficiency initiatives," said Mr du Plooy

"We focused on the most efficient utilisation of water resources to reduce potable water consumption and maximise the reuse capabilities of our water management system.

"This year, a third large stormwater storage tank at the Carrington Terminal was constructed, raising the total capacity for capture and storage of water to 21ML during rainfall events. To give an idea of the size and scale of the tank, it has a diameter of 31.5m, is 11.5m tall and holds more than three times the volume of an Olympic swimming pool," he said.

Stored water is reused at Port Waratah sites for operational activities such as dust suppression, machine cooling and washdown. Water used on site is recaptured and cleaned for further reuse.

"The favourable environmental conditions paired with these improvements in water management has cut potable water purchasing by 51% at Carrington Terminal so far this year, compared to the same time in 2019," said Mr du Plooy.

"We have achieved these results not only through infrastructure but an ongoing business cultural awareness to conserve water use in our day-to-day operations. At Port Waratah, we're committed to playing our part to reduce potable water consumption, improving the sustainable use of our shared water resources in the Hunter."

In what was an award-winning week, Port Waratah proudly celebrates two additional awards including the NSW Professional Services accolade at the Project Management Achievement Awards and the outstanding effort of one of our team members recognised as part of the HunterNet Future Leaders Program.

On Tuesday 16 November, the Australian Institute of Project Management announced Port Waratah took out the NSW Professional Services Award in this year's Project Management Achievement Awards in recognition of the progressive development and implementation of our Project Management System Upgrade.

The upgrade led by the Assets and Infrastructure team centred on the complex planning of our major assets and infrastructure maintenance outages, which require 18 months of pre-planning to be delivered on time, every time to keep our operations running efficiently with minimised unplanned downtime.

We now go up against the Professional Services Award winners from other states for the National Award, which will be announced in March next year.

At a HunterNet ceremony for the 2021 Future Leaders Program last Thursday, Leigh Carroll, Supply Supervisor in the Commercial Services Team, was part of the winning team to present an innovative solution to combat COVID-19 business impacts and improve economic resilience.

The team's solution was focussed on establishing community bonds and connection with small and unique businesses that have lost their market presence.

"I would like to congratulate Leigh and his team on their success and their commendable effort to research and develop an idea to support small businesses not only in the Hunter, but could be adopted across Australia," said Mr du Plooy.

Media Contact: Paul Chamberlin on 0419 233 989 or

From left: Port Waratah's Trudie Larnach - Manager for Sustainability and Corporate Affairs, Hennie du Plooy - CEO, Glenn Cook - Environmental Specialist and Samantha Barry - Environmental Engineer.

From left: Team Mentor - Nour Ette (ARTC), Dean Newburn (Wabtec), Leigh Carroll (Port Waratah), Daphnie Lobban (HVCCC), Belinda Linnane (Amp Control), Absent - Drew Bogdanovs (NIB).

New partnership helps keep families and pets together after domestic violence trauma

Over the last 16 months, Dog Rescue Newcastle, has received a staggering amount of calls from women wanting to surrender or foster their animals for safety concerns due to a domestic violence situation at home. A new partnership with Port Waratah Coal Services has provided additional resources to help keep families and pets together through a new Safe and Sound program.

“We have always helped women in these situations where we can, but it was time to step up and create something for the longer term,” said Jesse Reinhard, Marketing Manager, Dog Rescue Newcastle.

“The Safe and Sound Program allows us to temporarily look after pets in an emergency situation for women fleeing domestic violence and have no financial means for boarding or family and friends to care for their pets during times of crisis.”

The funding from Port Waratah has enabled the program to increase services for families experiencing domestic violence including emergency boarding from 24-48 hours, short-term boarding and care for up to four weeks and start again supply packs with dog food, health and wellbeing and bedding supplies.

The goal of this program is to reduce animal surrender rates to overrun pounds and keep pets and people together.

"We know that women suffering domestic violence are less likely to leave the situation for fear of leaving their loving pet behind. Reports show over 70% of women have said their abusers threatened, hurt or killed their pets following a domestic violence incident,” said Mr Reinhard.

"This program gives these women peace of mind knowing that their pets are in good hands while they find a safe place for themselves and that they will be reunited once they’re back on their feet.

“This program couldn’t be possible without the community support grant provided by Port Waratah Coal Services.  The partnership and support means that along with public donations we can help more women and their pets in times of crisis,” he said.

Trudie Larnach, Manager Sustainability and Corporate Affairs at Port Waratah, said the program addressed an important need in the community.

“Our Community Investment and Partnership Programme is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our community,” said Ms Larnach.

“Helping to provide a program that assists women and families to keep their pets safe while they escape a domestic violence situation, was an easy decision for us. The program gives great relief and mental health support to these women in difficult circumstances.”

Port Waratah invests $750,000 each year to help local organisations, charities and initiatives across six priority areas including health, environment, education, community, diversity and youth sport.

Dixon Park SLSC new ATV to help save lives this summer season

Dixon Park Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) has received funding from Port Waratah Coal Services to purchase a new all-terrain vehicle that provides lifeguards quick access along the beach for when seconds matter during a rescue.

The small four-wheel drive vehicle is equipped with storage racks for rescue boards, which ensures it is ready to go at all times. The vehicle safely transports resuscitation equipment and members of the public who are in distress and is used to tow the rescue boat to and from the beach.

Last year, lifeguards at Dixon Park SLSC watched over 30,161 people at Dixon Park Beach during 2,726 patrol hours. They made 291 preventative actions, attended 26 first aid incidents and performed 9 surf rescues.

“The summer patrol started on Saturday and we are very pleased to have the new vehicle ready to go in an emergency. It’s a critical piece of our lifesaving equipment,” said Peter Brown, President of the Dixon Park Surf Life Saving Club.

“The vehicle will be used by the lifeguards to patrol the beach and perform our regular duties and allows for quick and easy access across the sand when it’s needed most.”

Port Waratah’s Manager Sustainability & Corporate Affairs, Trudie Larnach, said that supporting safety on our local beaches is an important partnership to Port Waratah.

“Living in Australia, we love the water, and this new vehicle will improve the safety of everyone enjoying Dixon Park Beach.”

“Our Community Investment and Partnership Programme invests in community partnerships to improve the health, wellbeing and lifestyle of people living and visiting Newcastle and the Hunter Region.”

“We’re proud to partner with Dixon Park Surf Life Saving Club to deliver this project for the community.”

The vehicle is replacing the Club’s older model, purchased with funding from Port Waratah in 2015.

Port Waratah invests $750,000 each year to help local organisations, charities and initiatives across six priority areas including health, environment, education, community, diversity and youth sport.

Media Contact: Paul Chamberlin on 0419 233 989 or

Communication Strengthens Communities: Port Waratah keen to hear local voices

Local Newcastle residents are invited to share their views to influence and inform Port Waratah Coal Services’ decision making and strategy through the Local Voices Community Survey, now open until 19 October.

The survey is a check-in with stakeholders and the local community on a number of topics, including environmental aspects, such as air quality and noise, economic benefit, community investment and in this pulse survey, views of the lease extension of the Carrington Coal Terminal. It takes only 5-10 minutes to complete.

Built from a foundation with CSIRO, the survey is conducted independently by Voconiq, a data science, research and community engagement company that bridges the gap between communities and companies.

Now in its third year, the Local Voices Survey is a significant part of the organisation’s community engagement strategy as explained by CEO Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy.

“Local Voices surveys are a touchstone with our local community every six months. Regular communication is key to building strong relationships with local residents and key stakeholders, ensuring we are aware of community interests and concerns about our operations” said Mr du Plooy.

“The survey helps us to make more informed decisions and results captured over time highlight where we are improving and where there is a need to focus our efforts.

“We had record numbers with more than 700 survey participants in March, 50 per cent from local portside suburbs. We value the voices of people living in our neighbouring suburbs and the wider Newcastle region. We are here to listen.”

Results from the previous survey indicated that ratings of environmental impacts remained steady, or slightly increased. Port Waratah has continued to invest in air-quality management with new dust monitors installed earlier this year to continually improve our Intelligent Dust Management System capabilities. The community feedback on topics of interest has also shaped the content of Port Waratah communications from our website and social media through to our annual reports and the newsletters delivered to 10,000 portside suburb homes.

For every survey that is completed five dollars is donated to a local community organisation. Since 2018, more than $13,400 in funding has been distributed to community groups in the Newcastle area.

Have your say about Port Waratah operations and activities before Tuesday 19 October. For more information and to register and complete the Local Voices Community Survey, visit

Ongoing Tenure Secured for Port Waratah’s Carrington Terminal

Port Waratah Coal Services announce today an extension to the Carrington Terminal lease from 2024 to the end of 2031.

The decision to continue operations at Carrington aligns with Port Waratah’s expectations of coal industry demand, particularly from South-East Asia, where demand for high-quality Hunter Valley Coal remains strong.

This announcement supports the Hunter Valley coal industry, local jobs and the regional economy and community.

CEO of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy, said the Carrington Terminal remained a key element of Port Waratah’s operations.

“It is critical to being able to meet our customers’ needs for terminal capacity and service flexibility now and into the future,” Mr du Plooy said.

“Our expectation of the future demand for terminal services is also consistent with the NSW Government’s policy position, Strategic Statement on Coal Exploration and Mining in NSW, which recognises that coal exports have an important role to play in NSW while there is strong global demand for the product.”

Media contact: Port Waratah Paul Chamberlin on 0419 233 989 or

Read the Community Q&As for more information.

Port Waratah Wins Diversity Program and Performance Award

Port Waratah is very proud to have won the Excellence in Diversity Program and Performance Award in this year’s Women in Mining Awards announced on Friday by the NSW Minerals Council.

6 July 2021

This award recognises excellence and innovation in gender diversity programs and demonstrated outstanding performance in increasing the proportion of women in the workplace.

Over the last five years, through the implementation of a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Port Waratah has achieved several milestones in gender diversity. Leading by example, female representation in the Senior Leadership Team has risen from 7.7 to 50 per cent and 30 per cent of non-manager leadership roles are now held by women.

Port Waratah CEO, Hennie du Plooy accepted the award on behalf of all employees, particularly the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, who have successfully engaged the broader team, facilitated acceptance, and developed an inclusive culture to make this progress possible.

“We are seeing the positive impacts that diversity of thought and experience is bringing to our organisation, but even more importantly, we are able to demonstrate to current and prospective employees that we have opportunities for all,” said Mr du Plooy.

“The ultimate objective of the program has been to grow an organisation that looks different and feels different, is more flexible, inclusive and successful, and above all – in which everyone is valued.” he said.

The program has also enabled new flexible work policy and a diversity and inclusion lens is applied to employee lifecycle activities, including recruitment, learning and development showcasing Port Waratah as a leading employer in the Hunter Region.

In a testimony, Dr Kirsten Molloy, Non-executive Director, founder of the Equal Futures Project and former CEO of HVCC, said “As a key stakeholder in Port Waratah’s delivery of services, it is been rewarding to watch their focus on diversity and inclusion and strategy over the years deliver real change.

“Taking an approach that considers customer needs, employees and the community Port Waratah have taken a considered and engaged approach resulting in much greater diversity in leadership and benefits associated with that,” she said.

The NSW Women in Mining Awards recognise and celebrate the contributions and achievements of women and gender diversity champions across our industry.

Media contact: Paul Chamberlin on 0419 233 989 or

New Wetland Species

A new species has been discovered at the Hunter Wetlands Centre.

The lizard-like creature has 4 legs and is 5.5 metres long from head to tail. It has been spotted in the trees near Brambles Pond. It has a friendly face and loves kids climbing on it. The yet to be named creature is one of three new play installations in the grounds of the centre. 

Wetlands CEO, Ken Bayliss said, “We wanted to add some fun and adventure for kids exploring the wetlands. We also wanted structures that would sit well in our natural environment and have appeal for visitors of all ages.  Port Waratah Coal Services shared our vision and very generously covered the construction and installation costs.”

“The installations constructed by Timber Creations Nature Play from reclaimed native timbers fitted our requirements perfectly,” he said.

As well as the lizard there is a winged creature inspired by our Magpie Geese. The third installation is something different – a nature play area with a tepee shelter, activity table and ropes to draw kids in to build their own play around this space. All three installations are located around Brambles Pond and are an easy walk from the Visitor Centre.

CEO of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy said, “Supporting the Hunter Wetlands Centre to create enchanting playgrounds was an easy decision. They help to foster community interest in this significant environmental haven and provide active play areas for children.”

A naming competition is planned for the lizard-like creature so visit our Facebook page for details

Be sure to see these new species in their natural habitat during the school holidays starting 28 June.

The Hunter Wetlands Centre is a community-owned, not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers who manage this internationally recognised wetlands.

The playgrounds were funded through the Port Waratah Coal Services Community Investment and Partnership Program

Port Waratah investing in Carrington Terminal for improved efficiency and reliability

Port Waratah Coal Services will be investing more than $7.5 million on 15 maintenance and infrastructure projects during a major outage at the Carrington Coal Terminal this month.

The combination of structural maintenance, electrical upgrades and plant improvements will ensure that Carrington Terminal continues to contribute a valuable, flexible and efficient service to meet the needs of our customers and deliver for the Hunter Valley Coal Chain.

During the “outage”, where normal operations are amended for a period to accommodate the project work, an additional 200 workers will be required on site. Port Waratah is committed to promoting employment and stimulating our local economy by purchasing and hiring from local businesses.

The projects are scheduled over four weeks, however, most works will be completed in the first two weeks. The outage includes electrical infrastructure upgrades to switchboards, structural maintenance projects, involving four conveyor belt changes, and other plant improvements all aiming to improve reliability and efficiency of the Carrington Terminal.

With more than a year in the planning, every effort will be undertaken to minimise and monitor intrusive noise during the outage. This includes a daily assessment of works schedules, weather conditions, mitigating measures and controls, additional monitoring using both real-time noise monitoring technology and specialist noise consultant onsite night-time surveys.

We are an active and supportive member of our community and we care about neighbours’ experiences with our operations. If you would like any further information about the outage or to talk about a concern, please contact our 24-hour enquiry line on (02) 4907 2280.

We may sound a little different but we’re still keeping things quiet by implementing proactive strategies to ensure effective noise management outcomes, not just for the outage, but every day.

Light It Up Purple for Domestic Violence Awareness

Port Waratah and Got Your Back Sista shine purple light for domestic violence awareness

Port Waratah Coal Services will be lighting the shiploaders at the Carrington wharf facilities purple every night during May to help raise awareness of domestic and family violence. This year’s annual illumination project falls in May to support the national month of domestic and family violence prevention.

For the project, Port Waratah has joined forces with Got Your Back Sista, a local community organisation in Tighes Hill that specialises in supporting women and their children to start a new life after escaping the trauma of domestic violence.

“Unfortunately, domestic and family violence remains too prevalent in our community.  This campaign is an opportunity for everyone, including organisations like ours, to show their support for real change,” said CEO of Port Waratah Hennie du Plooy.

“We’re inviting our community to participate in the project by taking a photo dressed or decorated in purple or with a ‘Say NO to Domestic Violence’ sign and send it to, to be part of a social media awareness campaign.

“Our hope is the initiative encourages conversations about domestic violence in our community and strengthens awareness of support services available for those who need it,” he said.

CEO of Got Your Back Sista, Melissa Histon, said that “sadly, most of us work with, live near, or are related to someone who has experienced violence in their home or in their lives.”

“The latest statistics tell the horrific story: one in 5 Australian women and 1 in 20 men have been subjected, since the age of 15, to physical and/or sexual violence by a current or previous partner,” said Ms Histon.

“This community initiative with Port Waratah Coal Services is a wonderful, visible way to remind the community that domestic violence is not acceptable, and it is never okay. We must do everything in our power to stop people being violent to each other.”

A candle-light vigil will be held in Newcastle on Wednesday 5 May at 5.30pm in Civic Park to remember those who have lost their lives as a result of domestic violence.

If you or someone you know if suffering from domestic violence, reach out for support and more information at or

As their partner in this campaign, Port Waratah also provided a donation to Got Your Back Sista, to help support their valuable work in raising awareness of domestic and family violence through media campaigns, workplace presentations, public events and community partnerships. 

Photography Credit: Rick Garside

Media contacts

Port Waratah: Paul Chamberlin on 0419 233 989 or

Got Your Back Sista: Melissa Histon on 0405 405 245 or

About Port Waratah Coal Services

Port Waratah Coal Services has been receiving, stockpiling, blending and loading coal for export at the Port of Newcastle for over 40 years. They own and manage the Kooragang and Carrington Coal Terminals, which operate 24/7, and have a combined capacity of 145 million tonnes per annum.

Port Waratah has always been two things – a pioneer and a partner. They are committed to understanding and fulfilling their responsibilities as an employer and community member, as well as meeting their legal obligations. Port Waratah is an unlisted public company working in partnership with more than 25 producers and other service providers in the Hunter Valley Coal Chain. They aim to continuously improve their environmental performance, contribute to the local economy by buying and employing locally and support sustainability and resilience of the local community though their Community Investment and Partnership Programme.

About Got Your Back Sista

As the registered charitable arm of The Sista Code movement, Got Your Back Sista offers benevolent relief and support to women and children escaping domestic violence and are at risk of living below the poverty line.  We give a hand up for them to begin again and live independently.

Got Your Back Sista provides a pathway from refuge accommodation to sustainable independent housing, living and employment. The charity is focussed on providing these services within the Hunter, Central Coast and Manning Regions with a look to expand to providing services throughout NSW in the next 12 months.

Port Waratah Delivers Sustainable Outcomes in 2020

Port Waratah Coal Services has today launched its Annual Reporting suite for 2020, sharing its performance openly and proudly with key stakeholders and the local community.

The suite includes the Sustainability Report, Financial Report, Modern Slavery Statement and an accompanying Sustainability website that offers an engaging digital experience.

The Sustainability Report centres on material issues such as regulation and licensing, air quality, water, noise, communication and engagement.

Port Waratah performed strongly in 2020, marking the ninth year of exporting more than 100 million tonnes of coal.

“We work proactively and collaboratively to build long-term partnerships across the coal chain and focus on remaining as efficient as possible and providing service flexibility to meet our customers’ needs,” said CEO of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy.

“We achieved many significant environmental projects and improvements in key areas such as dust management, potable water consumption, and waste diverted from landfill. There is still work to do to improve our environmental performance and we will continue to strengthen our management approach to eliminate one-off environmental incidents.

“Through our Community Investment and Partnership Programme, we invested $750,000 in 107 projects, initiatives and programmes that address specific needs and contribute to the sustainability of our community.

“Living our values helped to sustain us through the challenges of an unprecedented year. I believe our commitment to excellence, integrity, caring and progress played a significant role, not only in our adaption to new working conditions and controls during the pandemic, but the introduction of new technologies.

“We saw new technological improvements in 2020, from drone applications for safety and maintenance efficiencies to performance metric business intelligence projects and the installation of new dust monitoring technology,” said Mr du Plooy. 

Maintaining our reporting to international standards, Port Waratah’s 2020 report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Sustainability Reporting guidelines, meeting the GRI Standards Core option.

The Financial Report provides an overview of Port Waratah’s financial performance and disclosures, while the Modern Slavery Statement outlines our intention and actions to eliminate slavery, servitude and debt bondage from our organisation and supply chain.

The 2020 Annual Reporting suite and Sustainability website are available under Annual Reports at

Media contact: Paul Chamberlin on 0419 233 989 or

Local Voices Can Make a Difference: Community Survey Now Open

Local Newcastle communities can influence strategy, share their views and inspire others from today through the Local Voices Community Survey, conducted by Port Waratah Coal Services.

Open for the rest of March, the Survey is a six-monthly check-in with the community and stakeholders. There are a number of topics, including environmental aspects such as air quality and noise, economic benefit, our community investment programme and diversity and inclusion in our workforce. It takes only 5-10 minutes to complete.

The CEO of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy, said the Local Voices Community Survey has been a significant part of the organisation’s community engagement strategy since 2018.

“The regular Local Voices surveys have opened up an important dialogue with our local communities and key stakeholders, which has led to several improvements for our business and stronger relationships based on shared information and respect,” said Mr du Plooy.

“We value the opinions of people living in our neighbouring portside suburbs and the wider Newcastle region.

“The Survey helps us to make more informed decisions and over time allows us to track trends in community views to see where we are improving and where there is a need to focus our efforts.”

Survey results have influenced greater investment in health as a priority area for our Community Investment Partnership Programme, with Port Waratah investing more than $270,000 in health projects over the last two years. The development of the Youth Sport in Portside Suburbs programme was in response to feedback through the survey, providing more than $20,000 for junior sporting clubs last year. We’ve also provided greater access to independent air quality information and attuned our range of communication methods to meet the preferences of the community and other stakeholders, encouraging two-way communication through traditional and digital platforms.

Beyond this funding, for every survey that is completed five dollars is donated to a local community organisation – almost $10,000 since 2018.

“The Survey provides valuable insights for our business and as an active and committed member of our local community, it’s important that we listen,” said Mr du Plooy.

For more information and to register and complete the Local Voices Community Survey, visit

Funding helps Newcastle volunteers save lives on the water

Boating safety on Newcastle waterways has been boosted thanks to Port Waratah Coal Services’ support to ensure Marine Rescue Newcastle remains ready to respond to emergencies.

As part of the Port Waratah Community Investment Partnership Programme, the unit received funds to purchase the essential Dry Berth infrastructure to keep its new $535,000 rescue vessel, Newcastle 30, in tip-top condition for rapid response.

The new infrastructure lifts and secures Newcastle 30 from the water when it is not underway to an emergency or on routine patrols or training exercises.

Sitting above the water prevents the vessel’s aluminium hull from corroding through constant immersion in salt water or becoming fouled by harmful marine growth or electrolysis.

MR Newcastle Unit Commander Ron Calman thanked Port Waratah for its generous support for the unit’s volunteers and their mission to save lives on the water.

“This new infrastructure means our boat needs to spend far less time out of the water for cleaning, maintenance and repairs to damage to the hull caused by salt and growth,” he said.

“That’s good news for Newcastle boaters because it means we’re ready to head out at a minute’s notice whenever we receive a call for help.

“It’s also good news for the environmental health of our waterways, as the boat’s hull will no longer need to be coated with anti-fouling chemicals, preventing these from leeching into the water.”

He said this would save the unit significant costs in re-coating the vessel each year, maintenance and repairs and would help extend its operational life.

CEO of Port Waratah, Hennie Du Plooy, said it was an easy decision to support Marine Rescue Newcastle’s application for a dry berth.

“The new dry berth asset will help an essential service save lives on Newcastle Harbour and along Newcastle’s coastline,” said Mr du Plooy.

“We’re proud to partner with local organisations, like Marine Rescue Newcastle, through our Programme to deliver critical health, safety and environmental outcomes and services to our community.”

The unit’s volunteers will be on watch throughout the summer boating season.

“We urge all boaters to Log On with Marine Rescue Newcastle whenever they are heading out via VHF Channel 16 or the free Marine Rescue App,” said UC Calman.

“It’s quick and easy – tell us where you’re heading, how many people are on board and when you plan to return. If you haven’t Logged Off when expected, we’ll know to start looking for you.

“And please make sure everyone on board is wearing a lifejacket before you get under way. It can only save your life if you’re wearing it,” he said.

Maiden voyage of world’s first LNG-fuelled large bulk cargo vessel berths at Port Waratah

Port Waratah Coal Services welcomed the HL ECO, a LNG-fuelled bulk carrier, on Monday at the Kooragang Terminal, as the first port of the global eco-friendly vessel’s maiden voyage from Korea.

One of the first of its kind, the HL ECO is the first LNG-fuelled vessel to berth on the eastern Australian seaboard. The vessel is one of two 180,000 tonne bulk carriers built in Korea and launched on 11 December 2020. HL ECO’s sister ship the HL Green arrived in Port Hedland, WA, last Wednesday.

It is equipped with two of the world’s largest Type C LNG fuel tanks, each with a storage capacity of 1600m3. The vessel sets a new standard for eco-design as the maritime industry moves to reduce emissions from shipping operations.

CEO of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy was pleased to welcome the impressive eco-friendly vessel to Newcastle.

“The HL ECO marks an important milestone in the pursuit to reduce emissions in shipping and maritime exports,” said Mr du Plooy.

“We welcome the HL ECO and crew to Port Waratah and congratulate them on the success of their maiden voyage.”

The LNG fuel design reportedly reduces 99 per cent of sulphur oxides and particulate matter, up to 85 per cent reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, and a 30 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, compared to the levels of current bulk-carrier vessels.

It is expected to make about 10 round trips a year between Korea and Australia.

Port Waratah Coal Services - 2020 Year in Review

Port Waratah plays a key role in the Hunter Valley Coal Chain that reaches across the globe – ensuring efficient delivery of coal to a global customer base.

In 2020, Port Waratah loaded 105.9 million tonnes (mt) into 1,192 vessels for export.

A strong year for performance in a challenging year across the globe, 2020 marks the ninth year of more than 100 million tonnes per annum of coal exports through Port Waratah. Our 2020 export volume experienced a small decline of 4.2 per cent on 2019 figures, demonstrating the resilience of Hunter Valley coal exports in the face of seaborne coal trade challenges such as COVID-19 and geopolitics.

Demand was driven by Asia, with over 90 per cent of our coal exports bound for destinations in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Malaysia and Thailand, among other Asian nations. China’s consumption has fluctuated over the years and this year was a destination for nine per cent of coal exports through Port Waratah. Exports to India, Malaysia and Thailand grew compared to previous years.

Port Waratah provided uninterrupted services to customers despite the challenges and restrictions presented by COVID-19. At the same time, a number of opportunities were taken to introduce technology and operating solutions that will have longer term benefits for Port Waratah’s operations.

“The continued safety of our employees and care for their health and wellbeing was always our top priority. We are proud of the adaptability and capacity to accept change demonstrated by our team,” Port Waratah CEO, Hennie du Plooy, said.

“Our challenge as we move into 2021 is to remain vigilant, the COVID-19 controls we have in place are now business as usual and sustainable.

“We have learned so much about the resilience of business, that of our industry and indeed that of our community. Seeing our employees at all levels live our values, and particularly our value of caring, is what has shone through as we navigated the challenge of COVID-19.”

In addition, our team responded quickly to support our community through flexible funding and care packages to address the unique needs arising from COVID-19. We were inspired by the heart-warming stories from our community partners about how they adapted, innovated and provided services differently to meet increasing needs in these unprecedented times.

“Opportunities to continue to drive improvement, increase internal and external engagement and build on our strengths to deliver quality services to our customers remains our focus for 2021,” said Mr du Plooy.

For more information please contact Paul Chamberlin on 0419 233989

Port Waratah invests $300,000 into Hunter region’s medical research capability

The region’s health and medical researchers and local people will benefit from a new partnership between Port Waratah Coal Services (Port Waratah), Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) and Hunter New England Local Health District.

Port Waratah has invested more than $300,000 over four years, from its Community Investment Partnership Programme, to part fund a new clinical informatics project with HMRI. The project and role is strategically based within Hunter New England Health.  It will help researchers and clinicians to efficiently unlock and interpret the wealth of existing health system data. HMRI is using its Strategic Infrastructure Fund to part fund the role.

Peter Mastello has years of experience working within NSW local health districts in informatics and data management. A pharmacist originally, he has a Masters of Information Technology from the University of Newcastle. 

He said the health system is data rich and information poor. He said extracting good health data benefits both patients and community by building the capacity of researchers from HMRI, the University of Newcastle and the Hunter New England Health to support a broad range of clinical research and accelerate translational research that improves health care, health systems, and patient outcomes.

One of Mr Mastello’s priorities will be linking data across disparate and unconnected data bases and finding patterns in clinical data sets. Mr Mastello said the use of big data, “clinical informatics”, is rapidly growing across Australia and the world. He said clinical informatics also has the potential to encourage private sector investment in research, such as pharmaceutical companies investing in drug trials in the Hunter.

“By making aggregated and anonymous patient data more available, researchers and clinicians can identify new clusters of disease and answer important questions to improve the health of our communities.”

“Accessing data that already exists can save researchers and funders time and money."

“The data and trend analysis will also help HMRI, researchers, clinicians, and health service leaders to identify research priorities.”

Port Waratah CEO, Hennie du Plooy, said that this project is invaluable to the Hunter community because it builds the region’s capacity to support clinical and health service research.

“One of the most exciting aspects of this project is facilitating researchers’ and clinicians access to rich healthcare data, allowing them to plot changes in health trends and follow up patient care long term, or identify opportunities for local patients to benefit from and assist with research,” Mr du Plooy said.

“HMRI is a leading research organisation with a proven track record, not just in this region, but nationally and internationally,” he said.

“There’s an economic benefit to the region by Port Waratah investing in research capability and having infrastructure to attract and retain the top researchers here in our region."

“Our Community Investment and Partnership Programme aims to work in partnership with our community to make Newcastle, and more broadly our region, smarter, resilient and more sustainable.”

HMRI interim director, Professor Mike Calford, said the investment by Port Waratah is a significant boost to research infrastructure. Professor Calford said it supports the strategy that HMRI, Hunter New England Health and the University of Newcastle has to attract and support researchers and position the region as a global leader in translational research. He said clinical informatics also has the potential to encourage private sector investment in research, such as pharmaceutical companies investing in drug trials in the Hunter.

He said this is a continuation of the long-standing partnership between HMRI and Port Waratah which has included support for research into asthma and physical activity. The Port Waratah funded Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered program is a finalist in the Engagement Australia Excellence Awards, with winners to be announced on December 1.

“Our partnerships with the business community are vital in gaining other funding to offer hope and find answers that save lives,” Professor Calford said.

Port Waratah owns and manages the Kooragang and Carrington Coal terminals – part of the Hunter Valley Coal Chain.

HMRI is a partnership between the University of Newcastle, Hunter New England Local Health District and the community.

Left to right: Port Waratah CEO Hennie du Plooy, Clinical Informatician Peter Mastello, HMRI Director Prof Mike Calford, HNE Health Manager Solution Development & Support Rachel McGovern

Reflecting on a year of WiFi helping seafarers connect with home

Port Waratah Coal Services has been providing seafarers with free WiFi services on vessels at their Kooragang and Carrington wharf facilities for over 12 months, since October 2019.

In that time, seafarers have used more than 85 terabytes of data, which is enough to read every title of the 40 million titles available on Google Books twice!

Over the 12 months, more than 1200 vessels have used the service. The cost of the data usage service is just over $16 a day, no more than a coffee with a couple of friends, but the value to seafarers is unmeasurable.

CEO of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy, said the value of the project was even more important this year with COVID19 restrictions in place.

“Seafarers have been unable to come ashore since March because of COVID19 restrictions. They are feeling more disconnected from community than ever before,” said Mr du Plooy.

“Providing WiFi for use within the vessel while at Port Waratah exporting facilities is a small cost in comparison to the huge emotional benefit to seafarers, who can then connect with their families and friends online.

“Additionally, it adds more entertainment options by downloading movies, games, and music to help pass the time while at sea, which has positive outcomes for mental health and wellbeing for our seafaring community.

“It was an important project when it was first installed in October last year, but this was fully realised when the world closed off to seafarers for most of this year due to the pandemic.”

The project had its challenges trying to enable WiFi on vessels. The Port Waratah team worked to find a reliable, portable system of technology and infrastructure to support the wireless connection.

“This project has provided a blueprint for other harbour facilities to provide WiFi to vessels. I am pleased we have been able to share our experience and enhance the digital services available to connect more seafarers with home,” said Mr du Plooy.

Media: for more information, please contact Paul Chamberlin on 0419 233989

Connecting with home: seafarers onboard a vessel berthed at Port Waratah

Port Waratah Lights it up blue to support Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Tonight, Port Waratah Coal Services in partnership with Hunter Prostate Cancer Alliance (HPCA) will light up the night blue to support International Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Every night during September, two shiploaders at the Carrington Terminal will shine blue to raise awareness for the “Little Prick” campaign.

The “Little Prick” campaign refers to the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test, which all men over the age of 50 should request during their regular GP checkups. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men with 20,000 diagnoses and close to 3,300 deaths each year.

The shiploaders are perfectly placed to showcase the initiative which can be viewed from various vantage points around Newcastle Harbour, including Stockton, Kooragang Island, Carrington and the Honeysuckle entertainment precinct.

“Our hope is the initiative sparks a conversation between friends, colleagues or family members about prostate cancer. We encourage all men over 50 years of age to talk to their GP about testing for prostate cancer, as part of their regular health check-up,” said Port Waratah Chief Executive Officer Hennie du Plooy.

As their partner in this campaign, Port Waratah also provided a donation to HPCA, to help support their valuable work in raising awareness of prostate cancer through media campaigns, workplace presentations, public events and community partnerships. HPCA also provide a free counselling service for men and their families who are facing a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Michael Hagan, Director and Ambassador for HPCA said, “Over my NRL career, I’ve coached and played with a lot of tough men. No matter how fit you are, or how healthy you think you are, there’s nothing tough about ignoring your health. When I was just 44 years old, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fortunately, due to regular PSA tests from my GP, it was detected early and my life was saved. The PSA is a simple blood test that aids in the early detection of prostate cancer. If you’re over the age of 50 (or over 40, if there’s a family history) it’s time to toughen up and request the PSA as part of your regular GP check-up. It’s just a little prick!”.

Calling all shutterbugs to support the cause! Community members and photographers have the chance to win a VIP photography tour of the Port Waratah Coal Services operation for two. Help raise awareness for prostate cancer, simply snap a photo of the “Light It Up Blue” shiploaders during September and send it in for your chance to win, terms and conditions apply (link).

For more information visit

Photo credit Tony Banfield

Light It Up Blue – Photography Competition

September, Australia’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, puts the spotlight on prostate cancer and highlights its impact on those affected by the disease in our community.

To show our support and help raise awareness, we are illuminating the shiploaders at our Carrington Terminal in blue from dusk till dawn every evening for the month of September.   

As part of this initiative we are running a ‘Light it Up Blue’ photography competition, inviting local photographers to capture the shiploaders illuminated in blue.  

The winning entry will win a VIP Photography Tour of our operations for two people. 

How to enter: 

Entry photos must feature the Port Waratah Coal Services Carrington Shiploaders illuminated with the blue lighting for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. 

To enter, participants must: 

Email their entry photos to in high resolution and include; their name, email address, suburb, contact phone number and relevant social media handle(s). 

Post their photos to social media, tagging Port Waratah Coal Services (@portwaratah) and the following hash tags #lightitupblue #portwaratah #prostatecancerPSA  #littleprickHPCA 

By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees and acknowledges that they have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions. 


Terms & Conditions 

  1. The promoter is Port Waratah Coal Services Limited (A.C.N. 001 363 828) of Curlew Street, Kooragang Island, NSW, 2304, telephone number: 02 4907 2000
  2. The promotion commences on Tuesday 1 September 2020 9.00am AEST and ends on Wednesday 30 September 2020 11:59pm AEST (the ‘promotional period’)
  3. Entries will be accepted during the promotional period only.
  4. This is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner.  The winner selection will be conducted by Port Waratah Coal Services’ Community Support and Events Committee between Thursday 1 October 2020 and Thursday 15 October 2020.
  5. The winner will be contacted by email or phone and will also be announced on Port Waratah’s social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) on or before Friday 16 October 2020.
  6. One (1) photo per entry. The maximum number of entries per participant is two (2) separate entries. 
  7. Entry photos must be of high resolution, low resolution images will not be accepted.
  8. By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees to Port Waratah using their images on social media or other promotional material with appropriate photo credits.  
  9. The prize is an exclusive VIP Photography Tour of our operations bringing you up-close and personal with Port Waratah’s operations and equipment at the Kooragang Terminal.  The prize is an exclusive experience conducted by Port Waratah and does not carry a dollar value.  The details of the prize are as follows:
  • The prize is a VIP Photography Tour for the winner and one guest at Port Waratah’s Kooragang Terminal.
  • The tour will be available Monday to Friday (no weekends or public holidays), date and time subject to availability, and will be a maximum of two (2) hours duration.
  • Tour will be conducted in a COVID Safe manner with the winner and their guest required to complete Port Waratah’s COVID questionnaire and abide by all necessary COVID safe controls.
  • The tour will be conducted by Port Waratah tour guides, and during the tour the winner and guest will be able to photograph Port Waratah’s operations and infrastructure in areas deemed appropriate and safe by Port Waratah.
  • Long sleeves and long pants must be worn. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be supplied by Port Waratah and must be worn during the tour.
  • Port Waratah has an Alcohol & Other Drugs (A&OD) Policy which prohibits the possession or consumption of alcohol and/or illegal drugs on-site. The on-site alcohol limit is 0.02 and random A&OD testing takes place regularly.
  • Due to health and safety requirements, children under the age of 12 years cannot be accommodated.

Port Waratah Extends Local Voices Programme

Port Waratah is pleased to announce it is extending its Local Voices survey program for a further two years. The Local Voices surveys will be delivered by Voconiq, a new Australian business spinout from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.

Dr Kieren Moffat, previously Project Leader of CSIRO Local Voices is the CEO of Voconiq. “Participants in
Port Waratah’s Local Voices survey will still enjoy the same quality expertise and research rigour expected
from CSIRO with the survey being delivered by the same team of familiar faces,” said Dr Moffat.

The new business will continue to provide sophisticated data analysis using licenced CSIRO technology that
translates community survey data into a language that Port Waratah and community stakeholders can
engage with and respond to.

“There is enormous value for communities in being heard by the companies that work alongside them.
Through Local Voices, portside community members and people in the broader Newcastle area are directly
influencing how Port Waratah thinks about its operations, plans for the future and invests locally,” Dr Moffat

“At Port Waratah, we know to be a real part of our community it’s important that we listen. That’s why we
are committed to continuing to conduct independent Local Voices surveys to find out about any community
concerns and in what areas we are doing well,” said Chief Executive Officer Hennie du Plooy.

“The Local Voices survey has provided valuable insights that help us improve. We’ve previously asked for
help allocating our social investment, with the community feedback telling us to focus on health programmes
and kid’s sport,” said Mr du Plooy.

Based on Local Voices feedback last year, Port Waratah invested $187,000 in health projects and this year
has launched a new youth sport funding initiative for portside teams. “I’d personally like to extend a big
thank you to everyone who has participated in Local Voices surveys in the past and I encourage you to
continue to do so”, said Mr du Plooy.

The next survey will open in September 2020 and you can register at

Stefanie Loader announced as new Port Waratah Chairperson

Port Waratah Coal Services announced the appointment of a new Chairperson today following Penny Winn stepping down in December 2019.

21 July 2020

Ms Stefanie Loader has been appointed Chair of the Board effective 21st July, bringing with her significant global resources experience.  

Ms Loader said that she is looking forward to the challenges of the role.

“I am energetic supporter of regional NSW and an advocate for thriving regional economies. Port Waratah is an important business in a thriving regional city, with strong links to the local community in Newcastle through employees, suppliers and direct support of community organisations. As an important part of the Hunter Valley coal chain, Port Waratah is a world-class export services company and I look forward to working with Hennie and his team to maintain and build on their outstanding reputation.”

Chief Executive Officer Hennie du Plooy welcomes Ms Loader and very much looks forward to working with Stefanie to continue to deliver a reliable, high-quality service for our customers.

Ms Loader was nominated for the position by Yancoal Australia Ltd, in accordance with the provisions of the Port Waratah Coal Services Ltd constitution.

For more information please contact
Paul Chamberlin
Office: (02) 6239 7037
Mobile: 0419 233 989

Stefanie Loader – Bio

Stefanie Loader is a company director, geologist and former mining executive with experience in mining operations, mineral exploration and project development. In her executive career, Stefanie has worked in seven countries across four continents. Stefanie’s experience covers a wide range of commodities and regions including copper and gold in Australia, Laos, Chile and Peru, and diamonds in Canada and India. She held the role of Managing Director of Northparkes copper and gold mine for CMOC International and Rio Tinto and was the Chair of the NSW Minerals Council from 2015 to 2017.

Her board commitments include lead Independent Non-Executive Director for Clean TeQ Holdings, Non-executive Director for St Barbara and CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes. Stefanie is also a Mentor with AusIMM Women in Mining (WIMNet) Mentoring program in NSW and Victoria. 

Stefanie brings a strong background in leadership, strategy and regional economic development and was recognised as one of the Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence in 2013.

National Recognition for Local HR Talent

Human Resources Director has named their Rising Stars from across Australia, with Newcastle-based Sam Noakes making the coveted list for 2020.

26 May 2020

The HRD Rising Stars report highlights emerging talents, with less than 10 years’ experience in the human resources industry, demonstrating success in implementing progressive human resources initiatives.

Noakes, currently the HR Business Partner at Port Waratah Coal Services, has been recognised among 33 of the nation’s most promising human resources talent in the 2020 report.

Port Waratah’s Chief Executive Officer, Hennie Du Plooy congratulated Noakes saying, “Sam is one of our talented early career professionals contributing to our business success. We are proud of him and the national recognition is well deserved.”

Initially joining Port Waratah in 2017, Noakes has excelled in developing and delivering notable human resources activities to improve the effectiveness of the business. Initiatives have included: the redesign of the organisation’s apprentice programme; launch and communication of the employee engagement action plan; and improvement to Port Waratah’s recruitment process.

Most recently, Noakes has enacted his qualifications in change management to lead the development of Port Waratah’s change capability and guide a multi-disciplinary change management team associated with the implementation of a multimillion-dollar IT upgrade.

The Rising Stars accolade comes after Noakes was announced in the winning team of the HunterNet Future Leaders major project in late 2019.

For more on the HRD 2020 Rising Stars report click here.

For more information please contact
Paul Chamberlin
Office: (02) 6239 7037
Mobile: 0419 233 989

Sweet Boost for Visiting Seafarers

While the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way we live and work, our region’s critical export activities continue, although very differently.

13 May 2020

Port Waratah Coal Services has acknowledged the important role seafarers play in enabling the delivery of Hunter Valley coal to the world and have commenced an initiative to help support their welfare during this challenging time.

Vessels visiting Newcastle Harbor are currently subject to increased maritime quarantine orders, in addition to conventional border security protocols. These measures have been put in place to safeguard our community from the spread of COVID-19, however it has also meant that seafarers are unable to take shore leave during their time at berth. As a result, many seafarers are on board the vessel for extended periods of time and are unable to purchase some of the simple pleasures we take for granted – like a packet of chips or chocolate milk.

Recognising that these restrictions could impact the welfare of seafarers, Port Waratah got to work on an opportunity to bring joy to members of Newcastle Harbour’s ‘floating community’. Containing sweet treats and other snacks, Port Waratah purchased and packed gift boxes for 150 vessels visiting their berths in May and June – supporting approximately 3,000 seafarers. The box also includes an information sheet with details of free local and national mental health support services.

“Our value of caring; for our people, those visiting our sites and our community, guides our actions to ensure we are not only prioritising health and safety, but also supporting the welfare of those that need it most,” said Chief Executive Officer Hennie du Plooy.

“The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for all of us in various ways. We know how important it is to look after our wellbeing while in isolation, and it is no different for our seafarers. Port Waratah has the ability to positively impact seafarer welfare, and we felt that even a small gesture, like a gift box, can go a long way,” Mr du Plooy said.

Port Waratah also provides free, high-speed WiFi access for all seafarers while berthed at their wharf facilities. Free WiFi was introduced in 2019 and has proven to be a very popular resource, enabling seafarers to connect with their families and friends, or access streaming services for some downtime between shifts.

“Quality and reliable WiFi is available for seafarers at no cost, allowing them to access communications, social media and streaming platforms whilst at Port Waratah. Seafarers are often away from their families and friends for months at a time, so the ability to connect with those back home, and the associated benefits to seafarer wellbeing, is priceless,” Mr du Plooy said.

For more information please contact
Paul Chamberlin
Office:  (02) 6239 7037
Mobile: 0419 233 989

Collaborating For Sustainable Outcomes

Port Waratah Coal Services has published its annual Sustainable Development Report, describing our sustainability approach and performance for the 2019 calendar year.

8 April 2020

With a theme of Collaboration the report demonstrates how we improve our operational, social and environmental performance through building strong relationships and working in partnership with our employees, customers, coal chain partners and the local community.

“The role collaboration plays in Port Waratah achieving its objectives and goals is crucial,” said Chief Executive Officer Hennie du Plooy.

“Our tagline of Pioneering through Partnership isn’t just words, it’s at the core of the way we do business. We know we are only as strong as our people, the working relationships we share as part of the coal chain, and the trust we build with our community stakeholders.”

The report highlights the ways in which sustainability is integrated into Port Waratah’s day-to-day operations – from improving safety performance and reducing our potential impacts on the environment, to supporting our local community and pursuing operational excellence. 2019 was a near-record year for Port Waratah in terms of export tonnes, and in addition to setting a number of operational performance benchmarks, significant improvements in safety and environmental performance were recorded.

In 2019 we also grew our commitment to making a local difference consistent with the global sustainability agenda by addressing new areas such as the potential for modern slavery in our operations and supply chain. During the year we completed a comprehensive review to ensure we are identifying and mitigating modern slavery risks, an aspect which is not only essential to meet new legislative requirements, but also makes a positive contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“As a local business with a global reach we recognise our responsibility to identify the risk of modern slavery in our supply chains, and take positive action to ensure it is eliminated, thereby positively impacting the global goals around decent work and economic growth,” said Mr du Plooy.

The 2019 report also marks the launch of Port Waratah’s Sustainable Development site, which provides an engaging experience for users. The site is structured around Port Waratah’s five key business drivers and allows users to explore details of our sustainability approach and performance, with the option to download corresponding sections of the report or read the report in full. Visit for more.

Maintaining our reporting to international standards, Port Waratah’s 2019 report has again been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, meeting the GRI Standards Core option.

While we may be celebrating the publishing of our 2019 report, we recognise that much of our focus and effort as a community is currently consumed by the local impact of the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our business, as a component of the Hunter Valley coal chain, continues to operate, but it is far from business as usual.  We are operating with a range of additional controls, consistent with Government guidance, aimed at ensuring the health and safety of our employees, contractors, their families and our community.

“Our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our people and community is the primary consideration as we adapt our operating practices and community interactions to deal with this challenge.”, said Mr du Plooy.

For more information please contact
Paul Chamberlin
Office:  (02) 6239 7037
Mobile: 0419 233 989

Port Waratah Update on COVID-19

As the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and change rapidly, Port Waratah’s approach is aimed at ensuring the health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and visitors, while minimising potential disruption to the service we provide to our customers.

23 March 2020

General controls

Port Waratah is monitoring all communications from the Australian Government and the World Health Organisation on the guidelines and advice aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19. We are using this information to guide our decision making on appropriate controls, including; restrictions on attendance at our sites; the suspension of our Tours Programme; the requirements for self-isolation applying to anyone who has arrived in Australia from an international destination or in close contact with a confirmed case; and social distancing in the workplace.

Vessel specific controls

Vessels berthing at Port Waratah are subject to maritime security protocols coordinated and enforced by the Australian Border Force. Given the circumstances in relation to COVID-19, additional measures have been in place since early January to mitigate the risk and are being adjusted and refined accordingly as the situation develops. The Port Authority of New South Wales is leading the implementation of controls around vessels entering the Port of Newcastle. Port Waratah employees and contractors who are required to interact with vessels have been provided with resources to reduce the need for direct interaction with vessel crews once they have been cleared to enter the Port.

Working through this together

During this challenging time, we are committed to supporting community-based organisations who provide essential services to our community’s most vulnerable people. We encourage community organisations to consider applying to our Community Investment and Partnerships Programme to enable them to provide support on the ground locally.

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Australia Day Harbour Swim

Newcastle's most iconic event returns for its 25th Anniversary.

Registrations are pouring in for the 2022 Australia Day Harbour Swim, which returns to the magnificent Newcastle Harbour on the 26th of January.

Building on the success of previous years, and now entering the 25th Anniversary, the Australia Day Newcastle Harbour Swim continues to enjoy incredible year-on-year growth in competitor numbers and creating a fun, inclusive day for all. The event boasts as the only activity to stop Newcastle’s busy working harbour to make way for the swimmers crossing. All profits go to support Stockton Surf Life Saving Club.

The 2022 event, which was cancelled in 2021 due to Covid-19, is being delivered in partnership with the City of Newcastle and Port Waratah Coal Services as the major sponsors.

Stockton Surf Life Saving President, Paul Bernard said he was thrilled to stage the swim’s return and celebrate this significant milestone for the community event.

“We’ve been delighted and encouraged by the positive response from all those who have participated in the event over the past years, and we welcome all of our past swimmers back, alongside those taking on the challenge for the first time this year. With both competitive swimmers in the 1400m and fun categories of entry in the 700m swim, we encourage anyone considering giving it a go to jump in and register,” Mr Bernard said.

The 2022 edition will feature the single crossing of the harbour which is 700 metres kicking off at 10am and the double crossing of 1400 metres starting at 11am. The double crossing boasts a cash prize of $3,500 split across male and female podium finishers.

The 2022 Australia Day Newcastle Harbour Swim would not be possible without the support of the City of Newcastle and Port Waratah Coal Services.

"It means we can deliver a high-quality event and importantly raise vital funds for our surf patrols and lifesaving operations at Stockton Beach," Mr Bernard said.

 “The great prize money on offer makes the Australia Day Newcastle Harbour Swim the richest open water swim in Australia.”  Mr Bernard said.

Newcastle Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said long-standing competitions such as the Newcastle Harbour Swim enhance the city's reputation as the ideal destination for staging major events.

"Events and festivals provide a welcome economic boost for businesses still recovering from the impacts of COVID-19, while also creating an invaluable opportunity to increase tourism and showcase our city’s broader attractions to visitors," Cr Nelmes said.

"City of Newcastle is proud to support the Australia Day Newcastle Harbour swim, a long-standing feature of our events calendar that offers a fun, active day out, supporting a great cause in Stockton Surf Life Saving Club, while also showcasing and celebrating one of the most iconic Newcastle locations, our working harbour."

CEO of Port Waratah Coal Services, Hennie du Plooy, said the local organisation is proud to support such a worthy, long-standing community event.

“We are passionate about supporting our portside community and enjoy watching this event grow year after year and congratulate the organisers on their 25th Anniversary.”

Welcoming the serious swimmers to the inclusion of flippers and floaties, the event is sure to be another success as it celebrates 25 years.

Registrations for the 2022 Australia Day Newcastle Harbour Swim are now open at

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