We work proactively to reduce our noise contribution in Newcastle’s working Harbour

The management of noise at Port Waratah is an ongoing focus that ensures our Carrington and Kooragang operations have minimal impact on our neighbours and communities.

How we manage noise

We undertake a range of activities and programs to ensure the effective control of noise sources from our 24-hour operations and its impact on our neighbours.

Noise management is incorporated into plant design, maintenance and improvement activities and we consistently monitor our noise profile. More recently we have invested significant resources in understanding what our noise profile was and as a result, management activities were revised to reflect the findings.

Where it is commercially available we install low noise equipment. We have fully enclosed transfer points, soft flow chutes and conduct regular plant and equipment maintenance. We also assess and change out conveyor idlers to manage their noise contribution. Onsite and offsite attended monitoring, as well as noise emission modelling against prevailing weather conditions, is conducted regularly. This allows us to target specific items of plant and equipment generating noise, ensuring improvement projects can be updated on a regular basis to provide a tangible noise benefit

Our commitment to minimising noise in the community

Our noise performance measures include criteria specified in our Development Consent conditions. Where these are absent, Port Waratah has adopted internal monitoring programs and goals to regularly measure, analyse and evaluate our noise performance over time. Our goals and targets have identified areas of improvement for Port Waratah, however our monitoring over the past 12 months supports our compliance with all Development Consent condition noise criteria.

We have developed a five-year Carrington Coal Terminal (CCT) Drive Strategy to achieve an offsite noise reduction target of 1 decibel by 2020 at representative residential locations. We’ve allocated substantial budget and resources to achieve this target, with the planned installation of 28 low noise drives over the project which meet our low noise specifications.

Community Enquiries

Are you concerned about air quality or noise? We care about your concern and will respond within 24hrs.