Our objective is to improve resource efficiency through improved waste management practices, with an active focus on recycling and landfill diversion.

Key to our continuous improvement in waste management is the segregation of various waste items through the provision of a simple and easy process to follow.

We set internal annual waste reduction targets such as reducing our total amount of waste generated by 5% and improving our recycling and landfill diversion rate of 2.5%.

At times our waste management targets are impacted by activities such as increased volumes of scrap metal from the decommissioning of redundant structures. We will continue to research further opportunities for recycling our waste material and reducing our environmental impact.

Our commitment to improving recycling rates

Conveyor belts play an important role in operational delivery at Port Waratah Coal Services. After several years of investigating ways to manage waste steel cord conveyor belts, we have now identified a long-term sustainable solution -  to repurpose our belts and avoid landfill disposal of this useful resource.

In 2017, over 508 tonnes of used steel cord belt was sent overseas for further processing and recycling. Whilst 151 tonnes of used fabric conveyor belt was recycled to be used for agricultural, industrial, matting and protective covering purposes. As such, we will continue to investigate further opportunities for reuse and recycling in 2018.

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