Air Quality

From our community consultation we know that dust is one of the key environmental concerns around our operations for neighbouring residents.

These concerns range from annoyance at the level of dust on window sills, wondering where the dust comes from, to concerns around potential impacts on health. Port Waratah acknowledges these concerns and as such commits to a continuous improvement programme.

How does Port Waratah Coal Services manage dust?

We have a range of different management strategies we use to suit the particular risk ranking, type of risk and operational requirements at the time. Our aim is to increase moister levels to prevent dust emissions in the first place.

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If you would like to talk to a member of our environmental team to discuss a concern or find out more information please call us on the 24 hour community enquiry line 02 4907 2280. 

How do I find out more about dust levels?

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) website provides a range of background reading and information about their latest studies.

To improve access to easy to understand information about air quality in Newcastle, the Newcastle Local Air Quality Monitoring Network was launched in 2014.

This provides real time updates about air quality with both high level summaries and detailed information. Click on the map below to visit the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage's real-time local air quality monitoring network.  

The predicted air quality rating is published daily in the weather section of the Newcastle Herald.


Please note the Newcastle Local Air Quality Monitoring Network is independently managed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and measures ambient air quality in the Newcastle Region.


Community Enquiries

Are you concerned about air quality or noise? We care about your concern and will respond within 24hrs.

Managing Dust

We're proud to be a pioneer. Hear why we've created a world leading dust management system.