Case Study - World Class Skills and Education

By partnering with local schools and education providers, we are helping build the next generation of community leaders.


As a local business, we are committed to helping build the next generation of community leaders. By investing in world leading skills, education and experiences, Newcastle can continue to be a diverse and dynamic region.

From primary school to university, we work with schools and education providers to leverage our knowledge, technology and resources to help the next generation be the best they can be.

The lessons learnt at primary school are the foundation stones for life. This is why we seek to engage in partnerships with our local portside primary schools. Some of the activities we partner to deliver include offering tours and presentations about our facilities, supporting P&C fundraising efforts for new equipment and infrastructure, recognising and supporting talent through scholarships and school prizes, as well as engaging in larger investment programmes targeting literacy, numeracy and development.

Maths, Science and Engineering have long been a strength of Newcastle’s workforce and providing support for local school students to have an exposure and passion for these subjects sets-up the region to compete on the world stage. We support local students with an interest in these areas by providing funding and mentoring opportunities so they can participate in the Hunter Valley Electric Vehicle Festival, Maths and Science Engineering Challenges, and the F1 Challenge.