Business Principles

Sustainable development underpins everything we do at Port Waratah Coal Services.

Health, safety, environmental, social and economic aspects are integrated throughout our decision making, activities and processes. This means that we continuously strive to understand and fulfill our responsibilities as an employer and community member, as well as meet our legal obligations.

It also means that we have high expectations on all activities carried out in our name, expecting the same pursuit of excellence from all that we work with.

Our Values


Port Waratah Coal Services has always been two things – a pioneer and a partner.

We’ve pioneered coal export not only through the scale of our operations and technology we use, but by always seeking to find new ways to improve our safety and environmental performance. Continuously improving the quality of our service is part of our pioneering spirit.

As a partner, we are always working hard to deliver for our customers; valuing our employees, contractors and suppliers; and listening to our stakeholders, including the government and the community.

Our core values relate to our desire to be a service that can be relied upon and trusted. They include being progressive, dedicated to excellence, being reliable and acting with integrity. They also explain how we want to relate with our stakeholders; being supportive, valuing safety, working efficiently and acting in a balanced, committed and responsible way.

Safety is an overriding priority for us. It is our expectation that everyone who goes to work at Port Waratah should return home in the same condition that they came and that a job should not be done if it cannot be done safely. We believe that everyone we work with is entitled to be respected and we actively build a fair, supportive and engaged workplace culture.

Licence to Operate

We are committed to complying with relevant legislation, regulations, licences and approvals. We actively participate in comprehensive audit programmes and have in place independent reporting systems which are underpinned by honesty, transparency and integrity.

We are committed to continuously minimise our impact on the environment. We expect our employees, contractors and suppliers to understand our expectations and actively contribute to achieving this goal. 

We are also aware of community expectations of Port Waratah, which is why we continue to be an active, honest and positive member of the Newcastle community. We commit to being as transparent with stakeholders as practically possible – particularly in regards to issues which are of relevance to them.

Political Involvement & Commercial Practice

We respect the right of private citizens and organisations to express their individual views and opinions on any issue, as long it is done in a way which is respectful and legal.

We are focussed on working constructively with three levels of government (local, state and federal) and we do not support any particular political viewpoint or party. From time-to-time we will make our views known on particular issues that impact our organisation or stakeholders. We do not make political donations of any kind. 

We do not allow Port Waratah’s agents or employees to receive gifts that may be perceived as influencing their duty to act in the best interests of Port Waratah. While we will always seek to enter into commercially favourable agreements, we do this on the condition that they are not at the expense of our organisational values or principles. Port Waratah does not tolerate corruption in any form.