Our goal is to use the least amount of potable water possible for operational uses, while having sufficient water storage and infrastructure to meet our licensing conditions.

We use water throughout the business for human consumption and hygiene, supplying vessels with drinking water, wash down of machinery and infrastructure and through our dust suppression system.

To meet the water needs of all users on site, we have a complex system of water channels, pipes, tanks and ponds which collect, move and store water at our Terminals. If we don’t have enough recycled water available on our site, we need to purchase town water.

Managing this system is a careful balance between having enough water available to use for operations purposes, such as dust suppression, and having enough storage capacity to capture extreme rain or storm events.

Pollution Reduction Programmes

As part of our ongoing commitment to minimise impacts on the environment, Port Waratah Coal Services has submitted two Pollution Reduction Programmes (PRP) to the EPA focusing on further improving water management at the Carrington Coal Terminal.

The aims of the PRPs are to further improve the reliability of water management and investigate the enlargement of the stormwater collection system at the Carrington Coal Terminal. These PRPs are binding commitments given by Port Waratah, enforced via conditions in the Environment Protection Licence for the site, and aim at improving our environmental performance by reducing water overflows from our sites.

Port Waratah Coal Services will continue to work with the Environment Protection Authority as we progress the work associated with the PRPs.

Compliance and Water Management

Port Waratah has received penalties in the past for water management matters however an extensive range of projects are being implemented to address areas of concern raised by the EPA relating to water management and maximising the reuse of captured storm water.


 Water Management at Port Waratah - 2013