A working harbour can be a noisy place, with many different sources and environmental dynamics.

One of the difficulties in understanding noise impacts is the number of potential noise sources, which may or may not be impacting community residents.

We undertake both off-site and on-site quarterly noise monitoring and measure ourselves against relevant guidelines and criteria. We have committed to ongoing environmental management improvements including a progressive programme to manage any noise associated with our plant and equipment.

Port Waratah undertakes Noise Improvement Programs at the Terminals to manage plant and equipment to minimise noise impacts.

Case Study on Noise

During 2012, we received a number of community enquiries about a ‘beeping’ sound being heard late in the night, particularly in the Stockton area. We investigated the beeping and found that it was not coming from Port Waratah operations.

Through this process, however, we did identify opportunities to minimise the risk of our alarms impacting the community, while also maintaining safety requirements. Since then we have been working to implement the actions from those investigations across both of our sites at Carrington and Kooragang.